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Will there be a Season 5 of Manifest? Fans are curious as to whether Manifest will get a fifth season given the popularity of Season 4 Part 2 on Netflix. Since NBC first canceled Manifest after its third season, the show has had a rocky existence. Netflix, on the other hand, spotted the mystery drama’s promise and brought it back for a fourth season, the second half of which debuted on June 2, 2023.

The program follows Flight 828’s passengers as they inexplicably disappear five years after taking off. The gang had to deal with the ramifications from some people not believing their disappearance story for four seasons, in addition to the effects of their abduction.

After four thrilling seasons, viewers have been wondering if Netflix will renew the series for a fifth season to complete the Flight 828 story. Thus, this concludes our knowledge of Manifest Season 5.

Will There Be A Season 5 Of Manifest

Manifest’s Season 4 will be its final episode as Season 5 will not, regrettably, be released. As previously mentioned, Manifest’s initial cancellation following the conclusion of its third season was brought on by a drop in viewership. 10.8 million people watched the show in its first season, but by the season’s end, just 2.8 million people had tuned in. So, not too long after, NBC fired it.

But Netflix gave the sitcom a second shot at survival. The first three seasons of the show were added on the streaming service shortly before it was canceled. Following its cancellation, the #SaveManifest campaign increased viewing to the point that the show debuted at number one for four weeks in a row and then remained in the top ten for two more weeks.

The show’s actors and crew were given a shot for closure when Netflix decided to order a fourth season based on those remarkable results. Although Jeff Rake, the show’s creator, originally intended for the series to conclude after six seasons, Netflix finally opted for a single, “super-sized” season because they didn’t want to take the chance of losing fans, as NBC had.

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Manifest Ending Explained will there be a season 5 of manifest

This episode’s events transpire following Cal’s passing in the season’s penultimate episode. As a result, the characters had already started getting ready for their verdict. Olive finds out that in order for Ben to survive, he has to forgive Angelina for killing Grace. Ben was about to get even with her when he made the decision to forgive her, and the two of them boarded the jet that had emerged from a tunnel.

Characters like Ben, Saanvi, and Eagan avoided a terrible outcome during the trial aboard the plane by accepting their redemption bows. However, Angelina’s past acts cause her to pass away. The last test for the travelers was replaced by the appearance of a dark angel. Then Ben and Michaela stood up to speak on behalf of the entire group, and the angel vanished in response.

will there be a season 5 of manifest

As a result, the survivors reached New York in an undisturbed state. They survived the date of death and traveled back eleven years. Grace was still alive, Olive and Cal were youthful again, and Michaela had broken up with Jared. The remaining travelers made the decision to live their lives as meant to be in order to receive another chance.

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Where To Watch Manfest will there be a season 5 of manifest

Right now, Manifest is available for streaming on Netflix and Netflix basic with advertisements, or you can download it via Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu, and the Microsoft Store.

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