What’s Coming to Netflix UK in February 2024

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January is coming to a close and with that, it’s time to look ahead at an early preview of all the new titles scheduled to arrive on Netflix in the United Kingdom over the next month. Below, we’ll be keeping track of all the new movies and series hitting Netflix UK throughout February, which is slightly longer this year due to it being a leap year!

As always, you’ll want to keep an eye on departures for Netflix UK, too – we’re tracking all of those movies and shows leaving here.

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Note: This list has omitted some international releases for brevity. All dates are subject to change. 

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 1st

  • November Criminals (2017) – Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz star in this crime movie about two best friends investigating their classmate’s murder.

  • RedLife (2023) – A criminal and a young student living in the Bangkok slums.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 2nd

  • Let’s Talk About CHU (Season 1) Netflix Original
Orion And The Dark Netflix February 2024 Preview

Picture: Netflix

  • Orion and the Dark (2024) Netflix Original – DreamWorks Animation movie about a young boy who goes on an adventure with his fears.
  • Run & Gun (2021) – Crime movie about a reformed criminal tapping into his past to defeat his ex-employers.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 3rd

  • Southern All Stars: Chigsaki Live (2023) – Japanese concert.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 5th

  • Dee & Friends in Oz (Season 1) Netflix Original – Animated pre-school kids series set in the world of the Wizard of Oz.
  • Eaten by Lions (2018) – British comedy-drama about two half-brothers journeying to Blackpool to track down one’s estranged father.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 6th

King Richard New On Netflix Uk February 2024

Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

  • King Richard (2021) – Biopic on Venus and Serena Williams. Starring Will Smith.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 7th

  • Deadwater Fell (Limited Series) – BBC mini-series starring David Tennant. Crime drama set in a rural Scottish community.
  • Rael: The Last Prophet (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Documentary series on the UFO-inspired religion.
  • The Signal (Limited Series) Netflix Original – German drama series about a missing astronaut that sends the world into a frantic hunt.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 8th

  • One Day (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Based on the David Nicholls novel, this romantic drama series about two people who vow to remain in touch after their graduation night together.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 9th

  • A Killer Paradox (Season 1) Netflix Original – K-drama series about an accidental killing that has a man caught in a cat and mouse chase.
  • Alpha Males (Season 2) Netflix Original – Spanish comedy series.
  • An Incurable Case of Love (Season 1) – Korean drama series.
  • Ashes (2024) Netflix Original – Turkish drama about a woman who has her life destroyed after picking up an unpublished novel.
  • Bhakshak (2024) Netflix Original – Indian movie about a local journalist uncovering cases of abuse at a shelter for young girls.
  • Lover, Stalker, Killer (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Crime docu-series about a mechanic who while dating online meets a woman who takes romantic obsession to a deadly extreme.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 10th

Green Book Coming To Netflix Uk

Picture: Universal Pictures

  • Green Book (2018) – The Oscar-winning drama about a pianist who hires a driver to help him navigate the Deep South.
  • Home for Rent (2023) – Horror movie about a landlord finding herself terrorized by a cult.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 11th

  • The Outfit (2022) – Period drama movie about a British tailor living in 1950s Chicago at the heart of a battleground of warring gangsters.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 13th

  • Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Netflix Original – Polish drama about a couple who wins the lottery but soon begin hatching plans to kill each other.
  • Sunderland Till I Die (Season 3) Netflix Original – Final season of the football docu-series.
  • Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All (2024) Netflix Original – Comedy stand-up special.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 14th

  • A Soweto Love Story (2024) Netflix Original – African drama.
  • Death Comes to Pemberly (2013) – Period drama about a corpse that’s found on the grounds of a lavish hall.
  • Good Morning, Veronica (Season 3) Netflix Original – Final season of the Brazillian drama.
  • Love is Blind (Season 6) Netflix Original – New Episodes Weekly – Reality dating series with this season set in Charlotte.
  • Players (2024) Netflix Original – Romantic comedy starring Gina Rodriguez.

  • The Heartbreak Agency (2024) Netflix Original – German romantic movie about a journalist who participates in heartbreak therapy.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 15th

  • AlRawabi School for Girls (Season 2) Netflix Original 
  • House of Ninjas (Season 1) Netflix Original – Japanese drama about a retired ninja who has to return to his former life.
  • Lady Macbeth (2016) – Florence Pugh stars in this period romance.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Multiple Seasons) – Netflix has licensed the NBC crime procedural.
  • Ready, Set, Love (2024) Netflix Original – Thai romantic comedy.
  • The Vince Staples Show (Season 1) Netflix Original – Comedy on the lift of rapper and actor Vince Staples.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 16th

  • Comedy Chaos (Season 1) Netflix Original – Indonesian comedy about a hapless man juggling his marriage and struggling comedy club.
  • Einstein and the Bomb (2024) Netflix Original – Docudrama about the life of Albert Einstein.

  • The Abyss (2024) Netflix Original – Swedish thriller about a town that begins sinking.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 19th

Decline And Fall Netflix February 2024

Picture: BBC

  • Decline and Fall (Season 1) – BBC series starring Jack Whitehall.
  • Rhythm + Flow Italy (Season 1) Netflix Original – Music competition spin-off series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 20th

  • Mike Epps: Ready to Sell Out (2024) Netflix Original – Stand-up comedy special.
  • My Son (2021) – James McAvoy and Claire Foy star in this crime drama about two parents searching for their kidnapped son in the Highlands.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 22nd

Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Gordon Cormier as Aang in season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Cr. Robert Falconer/Netflix © 2023

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (Season 1) Netflix Original – Netflix’s ambitious new adaptation of the Nickelodeon series. Follows Aang as he’s trying to master all the elements while going up against the Fire nation.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 23rd

  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Season 6) Netflix Original – Latest season of the F1 docu-series.
  • Mea Culpa (2024) Netflix Original – Tyler Perry thriller – A criminal defense attorney takes on the case of a seductive artist accused of murdering his girlfriend, but when burning desire takes hold things get hot… and dangerous.
  • Through My Window 3: Looking at You (2024) Netflix Original – Third entry in the Spanish romantic teen movie franchise.

 What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 24th

  • 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards (2024) Netflix Original – LIVE 

 What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 28th

  • American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders (2024) Netflix Original – Documentary.
code 8 part ii netflix first look geeked week 02

Picture: Netflix

  • Code 8: Part II (2024) Netflix Original – Long-awaited sequel to the sci-fi superhero.
  • The Mire: Millenium (Season 3) Netflix Original – Polish crime drama.

 What’s Coming to Netflix UK on February 29th

  • A Round of Applause (Season 1) Netflix Original – Turkish drama.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK in February 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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