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This February, a ton of fantastic TV series and films, including Avatar, K-dramas, and documentaries about extraterrestrial life, will be available on Netflix. Every month, Netflix releases a new slate of material, and it’s usually a mixed bag.

Because the streaming service is now so large, it makes an effort to cater to all tastes, which is why we occasionally see enigmatic series like Blippi Wonders. Nevertheless, February appears to be shaping up nicely, with popular films, intriguing television series, and a contentious anime adaption.

This is our guide to the best new stuff that will be available on the streaming service in February. There will soon be significant changes to Netflix, so now is a good time to think about subscribing.

1. Raël: The Alien Prophet February 2, 2024

Raelianism is the most ancient of the UFO cults, which are among the most fascinating organizations on the planet. The club, which was formed in 1973 following an extraterrestrial encounter by former test driver Claude Vorilhon, has made its way into some rather strange locations. A comprehensive exploration of nearly fifty years of space craziness, Raël: The Alien Prophet includes “sensual meditation,” cloning, polygamy, a Playboy spread, and more.

2. A Killer Paradox February, 2024

We will not stop watching Korean dramas on Netflix as long as it continues to release these gritty, cool shows. The story of A murderer Paradox centers on college student Lee Tang, who leads a typical existence until he unintentionally turns into a serial murderer. He then finds himself involved in a tense sequence of exchanges with the homicide detective who is after him.

3. One Day February 8 2024

The best-selling novel by David Nicholls, which was previously made into a 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, is given the TV treatment. The season has 14 episodes, but because each episode lasts 30 minutes, it can actually be watched in a single day.

Furthermore, the love drama is made for binge-watching; it centers on the developing romance between Dexter (Leo Woodall from The White Lotus) and Emma (Ambika Mod from This Is Going to Hurt) on one day of the year over a span of several years, from the late ’80s to the early ’00s. Even though the plot is obvious to those who have already seen the film, you should still stay for the wonderful soundtrack and outstanding performances by the main actors. -Tim Surette.

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4. The Vince Staples Show February 15, 2024 what to watch this february on netflix

Netflix is aware that you may not be completely familiar with Vince Staples. He’s not famous, but he’s kind of famous. The logline of the show states, “He’s kind of rich, but he’s not.” He also has some criminal activity. However, he’s not.” The spectator is taken on an exciting journey through the rapper and singer’s everyday escapades in this Staples-produced series, where certain incidents are more commonplace than others.

Since 2019, Staples has been involved in this initiative. “Created at the crossroads where David Lynch meets Dave Chappelle, this slow burner forces you to find the humor in life’s little things,” he stated in a press release.

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5. Avatar The Last Air Binder February 22, 24 what to watch this february on netflix

Seeing a highly disliked live-action version of a beloved animation series and deciding to “give it a do-over” is a sign of extreme hubris, yet that’s precisely what Netflix is doing with Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Though we’re still a little anxious, the surprisingly excellent live-action One Piece has made us feel a little more optimistic about the future. The crew has stated that “authenticity” is a crucial component for them, and the cast is strong, despite what appears to have been some difficulties behind the scenes.

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