What to Expect in Chainsaw Man Movie: Teasers, Visuals, and The Impactful Decision to Go Movie Instead of Season 2 out

The Chainsaw Man movie was announced during the Super Stage RED event at Jump Festa 2024. Instead of a second season, the movie will focus on the Reze arc. Although no release date was given, the panel did share a teaser and two character visuals. The voice actor for Reze was also introduced during the event.

In addition to the movie news, more details about Part 2 of the Chainsaw Man manga were disclosed. A relationship chart was presented, and a preview of an upcoming chapter was revealed.

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Chainsaw Man Movie: Exploring the Reza Arc and Unveiling the Voice Actor

Reina Ueda, the voice actor for the character Reze, participated in a panel discussion where the character visual for Reze was unveiled.

During the panel, the speakers talked about the decision made by the studio to transform the Reze storyline into a movie instead of producing a second season. They also revealed and discussed a second teaser visual for the upcoming film.

Additionally, each panelist shared their favorite scenes from the movie. Reina Ueda’s favorite scene was the well-known “city mouse and village mouse” dialogue. Kusunoki’s choice was the movie date between Denji and Makima, Toya selected the pool scene, and Sakata picked Aki saving Angel Devil.

The latest volume of the manga was announced during the panel, and a message from the manga artist Tatsuki Fujimoto was read aloud by Toya. In the message, Fujimoto explained that the anime film “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” (1999) inspired the characters Denji and Reze. He encouraged everyone to watch the film.

Chainsaw Man: Explore the Thrills of Reze Arc in Official Movie Teaser

Chainsaw Man Movie

Exciting news for Chainsaw Man fans! A new movie is on the horizon, and it revolves around the enigmatic character introduced in the Season 1 finale – Meet Reze. The official key visual for the upcoming movie has been unveiled, building anticipation among eager fans.

In the first season of Chainsaw Man, they covered the Katana Man arc, spanning up to the 39th chapter of the manga. Now, the focus shifts to the “Bomb Girl” arc, which is shorter, comprising chapters 40 to 52. Due to its relatively compact size, MAPPA Studios has made the strategic decision to present this arc as a standalone movie rather than a full season. This approach allows fans to relish the intense action scenes on a larger screen, creating a shared experience with fellow enthusiasts.

While the official release date for the Chainsaw Man Reze arc movie is yet to be disclosed, a teaser video has been shared on MAPPA’s channel. Take a sneak peek at what’s in store:

The preview is right at the beginning of the post. Simply click on it to watch the teaser.

As a devoted Chainsaw Man manga fan, I can confidently predict that this movie will be a blockbuster, offering a different experience from the first season. Gone are the days of Denji and his heartaches. The teaser is remarkable, providing glimpses of our mysterious girl and the brash protagonist, Denji.

For those curious about Reze, her character will be brought to life by Reina Ueda, known for her roles as Kanao in Demon Slayer, Ruri in Dr. Stone, Kisa in Fruits Basket, and more. Excitingly, she has also been cast for the Solo Leveling anime, lending her voice to the character Cha Hae-In. Stay tuned for further updates on this thrilling Chainsaw Man movie.

Where Can You Watch Chainsaw Man Movie?

Chainsaw Man Movie

Currently, it’s not confirmed where the Chainsaw Man movie will be available. However, you can enjoy the Chainsaw anime on different platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll.


The Chainsaw Man movie announced at Jump Festa 2024, focuses on the Reze arc instead of a second season. Despite no release date, a teaser and character visuals were shared. The voice actor for Reze, Reina Ueda, was introduced. Part 2 details and a manga relationship chart were disclosed. During a panel, the decision to turn the Reze storyline into a movie was discussed, along with favorite scenes. The movie’s official teaser was revealed, emphasizing the Bomb Girl arc. The release date is undisclosed, but MAPPA Studios aims for a cinematic experience. The movie stars Reina Ueda as Reze. Platform details are pending.

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