Weekend Box Office: BLUE BEETLE Dethrones BARBIE


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Blue Beetle

Warner Bros.’ superhero movie debuted in first place with $25.4M, a first place opening but lower than every other recent DC Extended Universe films:

  • -15% below March’s Shazam!: Fury of the Gods – $30.1M
  • -23% below February 2020’s Birds of Prey: $33.0M
  • -3% below 2021’s The Suicide Squad: $26.2M, even though it was both R-rated and released day-and-date simultaneously in cinemas and streaming on Max
  • -53% below June’s The Flash: $55.0M
  • -62% below 2022’s Black Adam: $67.0M

Beetle also opened -73% below the lone August release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy: $94.3M.

Audience demographics

  • Race: the Hispanic superhero brought in a plurality 39% Hispanic audience, only 27% white
  • Age: 65% ages 25+, older than Gods with 60%, younger than Flash with 70%
  • Gender: 62% male, slightly lower than Flash at 63%
  • CinemaScore: “B+” – same as Gods and Adam, higher than Flash with “B” 
  • Premium formats: 40%, same as Flash, higher than Gods with 36% and Adam with 33%

Overseas / global

Beetle opened with $18.0M overseas and $43.4M globally.

That’s below the global openings of several recent DC Extended Universe films:

  • -33% below Gods: $64.7M
  • -66% below The Flash: $129.6M
  • -69% below Adam: $142.9M

Beetle’s top overseas markets are:

  1. Mexico: $2.7M
  2. Brazil: $2.1M
  3. France: $1.5M
  4. U.K.: $1.5M
  5. Indonesia: $1.2M

Read Boxoffice PRO’s interview with Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto here:



Warner Bros.’ comedy declines only -36% to $21.5M, finally notching the runner-up slot after spending four frames in first place.

All time, Barbie has now earned the:

  • #20 opening weekend: $162.0M
  • #7 sophomore weekend: $93.0M
  • #11 third weekend: $53.0M
  • #9 fourth weekend: $33.9M
  • #10 fifth weekend: $21.5M

With $567.2M total through 31 days, it now ranks as the #15 biggest movie of all time, between April’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie with $574.2M and 2019’s The Lion King with $543.6M.

Barbie also ranks #2 of the year so far, behind only Mario. However, it’s running +12% ahead of Mario through the equivalent 31-day point in release: $503.7M.



Universal’s historical war drama declines only -43% to $10.6M, falling from second to third place.

All time, Oppenheimer has earned:

  • Opening weekend outside the top 100: $82.4M
  • #79 sophomore weekend: $46.7M
  • #71 third weekend: $29.1M
  • #75 fourth frame: $18.8M
  • Fifth frame once again falling outside the top 100: $10.6M

With $285.2M total through 31 days, it now stands as the #117 biggest movie of all time domestically, ranking between 1990’s Home Alone with $285.7M and 2015’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 with $281.7M.

It also stands as the #7 biggest R-rated movie of all time domestically, between 2018’s Deadpool 2 with $324.5M and 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded with $281.5M.

Depending on how it holds, Oppenheimer stands a shot at finishing among the top five R-rated film, with a small shot at #1. Currently, that mark has been held for 19 years by 2004’s The Passion of the Christ: $370.7M.

Here’s how Oppenheimer compares to the top five R-rated films ever, through the equivalent 31-day point in wide release:

  1. -6% behind 2004’s The Passion of the Christ: $305.6M
  2. -13% behind 2016’s Deadpool: $328.2M
  3. -13% behind 2014’s American Sniper: also $328.2M
  4. -3% behind 2019’s Joker: $299.1M
  5. -6% behind 2017’s It: $305.2M

Oppenheimer is also poised to become writer-director Christopher Nolan’s biggest (non-Batman) film. Here’s how Oppenheimer compares to his other biggest original titles:

  • +14% above 2010’s Inception, through the equivalent point in release: $248.4M / only -2% behind its final total: $292.5M
  • +51% and counting above the final total for 2014’s Interstellar: $188.0M
  • +50% and counting above the final total for 2017’s Dunkirk: $190.0M

Last Wednesday, Oppenheimer also set another unusual record: highest-grossing film to never top a weekend box office.

It beat the prior record holder, 2016’s Sing with $270.3M, which peaked at #2 behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Overseas / global

This weekend, Oppenheimer declined -38% overseas, milder than its -44% domestic drop.

Oppenheimer has earned $432.6M overseas and $717.8M globally.

That beats Dunkirk globally with $530M and Interstellar with $648M, and is right on the verge of surpassing Inception with $728M, likely later this week.

Globally, it’s now the #132 film of all time, ranking between 2021’s F9 with $726.2M and Nolan’s Interstellar with $715.7M.

Top overseas markets totals are:

  1. U.K.: $63.8M
  2. Germany: $39.5M
  3. France: $31.2M
  4. Australia: $22.9M
  5. India: $18.4M
  6. Spain: $18.3M
  7. Mexico: $18.0M
  8. Netherlands: $16.1M
  9. South Korea: $12.6M
  10. Brazil: $12.5M

Later this month, the film will debut in key markets including China and Italy.


Oppenheimer has earned $80.8M domestically and $146.4M globally from IMAX, the #4 domestic and #5 global IMAX total of all time.

Globally, it only trails 2009’s Avatar, 2022’s Avatar: The Way of Water, 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

In its third frame, Paramount’s animated action comedy reboot declines -45% to $8.4M, falling from third to fourth place.

After a midweek Wednesday debut, Mayhem has earned $88.1M after 19 days. It’s already outgrossed two of the last three films in the franchise:

  • +7% and counting above the final total for 2016’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – $82.0M
  • +62% and counting above the final total for 2007’s TMNT: $54.1M

However, it’s running below both the franchise’s 2014 installment and another comparable title, through the equivalent 19-day point in release:

  • -40% below 2014’s hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: $148.4M
  • -23% below 2018’s similar animation style Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – $114.3M

Overseas / global

This weekend, Mayhem declined -52% overseas in holdover markets, slightly steeper than its -45% domestic drop.

Mayhem has now earned $30.3M overseas and $118.4M globally.

It looks certain not to reach the $485M global total for 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but could still match the $245M global total for 2016’s Out of the Shadows.

Top overseas markets are:

  1. U.K.: $9.0M
  2. Mexico: $5.0M
  3. France: $3.2M
  4. Germany: $2.0M

Last weekend, the film opened with less than $1M in China, only eighth place in that market.

Later this month and next, the film will debut in key markets including Spain, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.


Read Boxoffice PRO’s interview with Mutant Mayhem director Jeff Rowe here:




Universal’s R-rated comedy about talking dogs didn’t have much bite, with only a $8.3M fifth place debut.

That’s lower than essentially every other August R-rated comedies of the past decade:

  • -13% below 2018’s The Happytime Murders: $9.5M
  • -31% below 2018’s The Spy Who Dumped Me: $12.1M
  • -43% below 2016’s War Dogs: $14.6M
  • -53% below 2014’s Let’s Be Cops: $17.8M
  • -61% below 2019’s Good Boys: $21.4M
  • -75% below 2016’s Sausage Party: $34.2M

It also opened below some of this year’s other R-rated comedies:

  • -44% below June’s No Hard Feelings: $15.0M
  • Even with February’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance: $8.3M

However, it did open +43% above July’s Joy Ride: $5.8M

Audience demographics

Strays earned a “B+” CinemaScore, from an audience estimated at 56% male, 67% ages 25+, and only 46% white.

Overseas / global

Strays opened in a limited 21 overseas markets to $1.9M, for a $10.2M global opening.

While it’s not an exact comparison because of the wider rollout, Feelings opened to $9.5M overseas in 48 markets, for a $24.5M global opening.

Read Boxoffice PRO’s interview with Strays director Josh Greenbaum here:


Outside the top five

Warner Bros.’ shark-themed thriller Meg 2: The Trench takes sixth place with a -48% decline to $6.7M, in its third frame.

Trench has earned $66.5M after 17 days. That’s -36% below 2018’s original The Meg through the equivalent 17-day point in release: $105.0M.

A24’s horror Talk to Me takes seventh place with a -37% decline to $3.1M, in its fourth frame.

Disney’s family horror comedy Haunted Mansion takes eighth place with a -48% decline to $3.0M, in its fourth frame.

It’s earned $58.8M through 24 days. That’s +5% above 2003’s original Haunted Mansion through the equivalent point in release: $55.9M. 

Paramount’s action-adventure sequel Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One takes ninth place with a -41% decline to $2.7M, in its sixth frame.

It’s earned $164.6M through 40 days. That trails both its two Mission: Impossible predecessors through the equivalent point in release: -20% below 2018’s Fallout with $207.3M, and -10% below 2015’s Rogue Nation with $183.1M.

Last weekend, Universal’s Dracula-themed horror thriller The Last Voyage of the Demeter bit off a $6.5M opening in fifth place.

Now in its sophomore frame, it falls a steep -61% to $2.5M and tenth place.

Compared to the two main horror-thriller films from last August, 2022, that’s steeper than both 2022’s Beast with -58% and 2022’s The Invitation with -28%.

Weekend comparisons

Total box office this weekend came in around $96.3M.

Here’s how this weekend compares to last weekend, the same weekend last year, and the same weekend in the last pre-pandemic year of 2019:



This weekend is:


Last weekend



Barbie, fourth frame: $33.9M

Same weekend in 2022



Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – $21.1M

Same weekend in 2019



Good Boys: $21.4M

YTD comparisons

Year-to-date box office stands around $6.40B.

Here’s how that compares to last year and the last pre-pandemic year of 2019, through the same point:


YTD total

2023 YTD now:

2023 YTD after last weekend:












Top distributors

Grouped by parent company, the YTD leaders are:

  1. Disney + 20th Century + Searchlight + Star: $1.61B
  2. Universal + Focus Features: $1.46B
  3. Warner Bros.: $931.6M
  4. Sony Pictures + Sony Classics + Crunchyroll: $716.5M

Paramount: $670.2M

Sunday’s Studio Weekend Estimates:

Title  Estimated weekend  % change Locations Location change Average  Total  Weekend Distributor
Blue Beetle $25,400,000   3,871   $6,562 $25,400,000 1 Warner Bros.
Barbie $21,500,000 -36% 4,003 -175 $5,371 $567,132,865 5 Warner Bros.
Oppenheimer $10,600,000 -44% 3,321 -440 $3,192 $285,221,735 5 Universal
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem $8,425,000 -45% 3,004 -946 $2,805 $88,130,087 3 Paramount
Strays $8,300,000   3,223   $2,575 $8,300,000 1 Universal
Meg 2: The Trench $6,730,000 -48% 3,402 -202 $1,978 $66,557,236 3 Warner Bros.
Talk To Me $3,159,000 -37% 2,379   $1,328 $37,367,710 4 A24
Haunted Mansion $3,000,000 -48% 2,180 -680 $1,376 $58,832,155 4 Disney
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One $2,725,000 -41% 491 -1,644 $5,550 $164,614,000 6 Paramount
The Last Voyage of the Demeter $2,500,000 -62% 2,715   $921 $11,001,500 2 Universal
Sound of Freedom $2,458,000 -50% 2,152 -651 $1,142 $177,616,223 7 Angel Studios
Oldboy $495,000   250   $1,980 $1,587,391   Neon
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny $440,000 -52% 465 -325 $946 $173,611,532 8 Disney
Elemental $358,000 -52% 385 -305 $930 $151,143,530 10 Disney
Jules $221,000 -74% 645 -135 $343 $1,549,109 2 Bleecker Street
Insidious: The Red Door $150,000 -68% 178 -266 $843 $81,888,575 7 Sony Pictures
Theater Camp $132,000 -52% 130 -280 $1,015 $3,424,403 6 Searchlight [Disney]
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse $100,000 -65% 121 -137 $826 $380,949,847 12 Sony Pictures
Landscape with Invisible Hand $93,610   304   $308 $93,610 1 MGM
Catvideofest 2023 $61,200 -23% 24 -11 $2,550 $320,144 3 Oscilloscope
The Little Mermaid $25,000 -27% 40 -25 $625 $297,235,502 13 Disney
Day By Day $22,557 -28% 18 11 $1,253 $72,018 2 Utopia
The First Slam Dunk $20,379 -50% 14 -12 $1,456 $1,240,007 4 GKIDS
Asteroid City $20,000 -53% 44 -19 $455 $27,935,805 10 Focus Features [Universal]
The Super Mario Bros. Movie $15,000 -29% 68 -26 $221 $574,261,880 20 Universal
The Unknown Country $4,419 -31% 6 -2 $737 $33,517 4 Music Box Films


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