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The Tourist Season 2 Release Date: The Tourist is a funny and suspenseful TV show. It stars Jamie Dornan as a guy who’s been in a car crash and wakes up in a hospital not remembering anything.

The show first came out on January 1, 2022, on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK. The next day, it was available on Stan in Australia, and on March 3, it hit HBO Max in the US. It’s shown all around the world by All3Media.

In March 2022, they officially said they were making a second season. They started filming in April 2023, and this time, the story is set in Ireland. The second season began airing on January 1, 2024, on BBC iPlayer and BBC One in the UK, and Stan in Australia. In the US, you can now watch it on Netflix because HBO Max dropped it.

Now fans are really curious about when Season 2 of The Tourist will come out and what’s going to happen. In this article, we’ll tell you all the information we know about Season 2 of The Tourist. So keep reading to find out more.

When Will Season 2 of The Tourist Come Out?

The Tourist Season 2 is coming to Netflix in the US on February 29, 2024. That’s less than a month after Season 1 came out on the platform. So, if you enjoyed the first season, get ready to watch the new episodes one after the other.

When they were making the show, HBO Max helped out by co-producing and distributing it for viewers in the US. The first season started on HBO Max back in March 2022. But in December 2023, they announced that The Tourist would be moving from HBO Max to Netflix.

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Who Will Be in The Cast of Tourist Season 2?

The Tourist Season 2

In The Tourist Season 2, we can expect to see the return of the main cast from Season 1. Here’s who will be starring:

  • Dornan plays Elliot, a character who suffers from amnesia and can’t recall his own name or why someone wants him dead.
  • Macdonald portrays Probationary Constable Helen Chambers, an ambitious trainee police officer who is engaged but seems hesitant about settling into a quiet life in a small town.
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin takes on the role of Luci Miller, a local waitress who may have a deeper connection to Elliot than anyone realizes.
  • Greg Larsen plays Ethan Krum, Helen’s mild-mannered fiancé.
  • Damon Herriman portrays Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers, an experienced investigator who relentlessly pursues Elliot’s case.
  • Kamil Ellis appears as young Sergeant Rodney Lammon, who works alongside Rogers on the case.
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson plays Billy Nixon, an intimidating American residing in Australia with a keen interest in Elliot’s situation.
  • Alex Dimitriades embodies the terrifying Greek gangster Kosta Panigiris.
  • Alex Andreas portrays Kosta’s brother, Dimitri Panigiris.

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What Will Happen in The Tourist Season 2?

The Tourist Season 2

In the first series, we met The Man, whose real name turned out to be Elliot. He woke up in Australia without any memory of who he was. Alongside Constable Helen Chambers, played by Danielle Macdonald, Elliot found himself in a dangerous game with mysterious people chasing them across the country.

Now, in the new series, Helen accompanies Elliot back to Ireland as he tries to remember his past. But things quickly take a turn for the dangerous as they delve into Elliot’s old life. Here’s what happens next:

The second series of “The Tourist” follows Elliot and Helen as they journey to Ireland together. Elliot hopes to reconnect with his roots and uncover his lost memories. However, they soon find themselves caught up in the perilous whirlwind of Elliot’s former life. They encounter both old friends and new enemies, including Niamh Cassidy and the McDonnell family: Donal, Orla, Fergal, and Frank.

Detective Ruairi Slater also gets caught in the middle of the conflict between the McDonnells and the Cassidys as the deep-seated secrets of their family feud start to unravel. The series promises to be an intense and suspenseful journey through Elliot’s past and the dangerous world he left behind.

What Occurs in The First Season of The Tourist TV Series?

The Tourist Season 2

In the last episode, Luci finally catches up with Dimitri, who pretended to die because he wanted to escape his criminal life with Kosta. However, even Dimitri couldn’t convince Kosta to let go of his thirst for revenge against Elliot and Luci for stealing his money.

A violent shootout occurs in the Outback resulting in Kosta’s death and Luci getting shot. Luci passes away while Elliot rushes her to the nearest hospital. Elliot calls Helen for help, but things get complicated when Rogers accuses them of Kosta’s murder. Surrounded by police, Helen comes up with a plan: they stage a fake robbery to buy time. Fortunately, evidence from speed cameras clears Elliot’s name, and he and Helen avoid arrest.

Yet, Elliot’s troubles are far from over. He encounters Lena, a woman with a disturbing scar, who claims Elliot convinced her and two others to smuggle heroin in their stomachs. The drugs burst inside them, killing the other women. Despite Elliot’s attempt to confess, Lena denies knowing him, allowing him to escape punishment.

Helen learns about Elliot’s past with Lena and initially condemns him. Later, she has a change of heart and reaches out to him, but it’s too late. Elliot, overwhelmed with guilt, decides to swallow a handful of pills with alcohol.

Where To Watch The Tourist Season 2?

The Tourist Season 2

The Tourist Season 2 is coming to Netflix in the US on February 29, 202


The Tourist Season 2 continues the suspenseful journey of amnesiac Elliot (Jamie Dornan) and Helen (Danielle Macdonald) as they return to Ireland, seeking Elliot’s lost memories. The season unveils dangerous past connections and new foes, including the McDonnell family and Detective Ruairi Slater. Season 1 ends with a violent showdown, Helen’s assistance, and Elliot’s haunting past resurfacing. The second season, debuting on Netflix US on February 29, 2024, promises more intrigue. Notable returning cast members include Shalom Brune-Franklin, Greg Larsen, and Damon Herriman, ensuring fans remain eager for the unraveling saga’s next chapter.

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