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Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu created the American action comedy-drama television series The Brothers Sun for Netflix. The American comedy-drama series is covered in great detail in this article, which will satisfy fans’ curiosity regarding the season 2 cast, plot, and much more stay tuned.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of The Brothers Sun?

Although the creators, Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, have not yet confirmed a second season, they are hinting at one.

Wu and Falchuk said to Netflix’s Tudum, “The end of the season is a happy moment for the family, but when you’re living as a gangster, you can never truly relax.”

Kevin Tancharoen, director and executive producer, continued, “This is just the beginning of a longer journey.”

The authors were questioned about the present state of The Brothers Sun season 2 and whether or not it is being developed in another interview with Deadline.

In response, Wu expressed hope, saying, “Listen, we’d love to do season 2.” Hopefully, we can increase those Netflix subscribers. All I can hope for is the release of season two. This is my first—well, I’m not sure—performance. I believe the only other thing I have listed on IMDb is a short film from AFI.

Given these remarks and The Brothers Sun’s rising success on Netflix, fans should not have to wait long to hear official word about a new season or spin-off.

The Brothers Sun Storyline

the brothers sun season 2 cast

The Netflix series centers on a Taiwanese crime family that is thrown into chaos when the head of a strong triad is targeted by an enigmatic assassin. Sam Song Li plays the innocent yet crucial Bruce Sun, while Michelle Yeoh plays the primary role of Eileen Sun. Justin Chien plays the infamous murderer Charles Chairleg Sun.

The show expertly combines themes of family and brotherhood with the horrific underworld conflicts that Taipei is known for.

The Brothers Sun Season 2 Cast

the brothers sun season 2 cast

Get ready for a reunion with the well-known characters that made season 1 possible. It is anticipated that Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, and Sam Song Li would return to their respective parts as Bruce Sun, Charles, and Eileen. Highdee Kuan, Joon Lee, and Alice Hewkin are among the ensemble cast members who ought to make a triumphant comeback.

Some characters, such Blood Boots played by Jon Xue Zhang, Grace Hwang played by Madison Hu, and Xing played by Jenny Yang, met a cruel end in the first season and most certainly won’t be back for a second.

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What Could Be The Potential Plot Of The Brothers Sun Season 2?

the brothers sun season 2 cast

With Big Sun ending up in the hospital, paralyzed, Bruce completing his studies, and Eileen, June, and Charles starting their trek back to Taiwan, Season 1 came to a somewhat harmonious conclusion. But a plot twist after the credits suggested that Yuan, Big Sun’s right-hand guy, was in peril.

Seasons to come will see more gangster drama and family upheavals, as creators Wu and Falchuk reassure fans that Big Sun is far from beaten. The first season’s unanswered connections raise the possibility that tranquility is a transient luxury.

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Where To Watch The Brother’s Sun the brothers sun season 2 cast

Fans of Netflix original shows can watch The Brothers Sun on the platform with just a basic subscription. The Brothers Sun Season 1 official trailer is below:


The Brothers Sun, created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, is an American action comedy-drama series on Netflix, following a Taiwanese crime family facing chaos after the head of a triad is targeted by an assassin.

While season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, hints from the creators and the show’s rising success suggest it’s likely. The plot promises more gangster drama and family upheavals, with familiar faces returning alongside potential new twists. Fans can catch the show on Netflix, eagerly awaiting official word on its future.

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