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Tegimpu Movie Review: Vinoth directed this film, which is titled Thunivu in Tamil. This is the third movie produced by Ajith and Vinoth. Manju Warrier also has a significant part to play.

Tegimpu seems to be an action movie with a robbery theme. Thala Ajith is renowned for making fast-paced action movies. Let’s see how the Tegimpu movie review turns out.

Tegimpu Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Tegimpu (2023)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Action Adventure and Thriller
Release Date 11th, January 2023
Director H Vinoth
Main Lead Actors Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Veera, Bucks, and many others
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editor Vijay Velikutty
Producers Boney Kapoor and ZEE Studios
Music Director Ghibran
Language Telugu



Tegimpu Movie Story

Tell us a little bit about the Tegimpu Movie’s plot before we discuss its rating.

A police officer strikes a deal with a gang in Visakhapatnam who want to rob Your bank. Up until an unexpected takeover by another party, the robbery goes according to plan. A few goons are killed during the kidnapping, which is led by Dark Devil (Ajith Kumar), who also imprisons other goons, employees, and customers. The main plot point will be what transpired as a result of the hijacking.

Tegimpu Movie Plus Points

After a long sabbatical, Ajith Kumar returned with Tegimpu as an anti-hero. Ajith did a good job of capturing the villainous side of the main character. Both the talking and the action scenes in the movie featured Ajith’s distinctive style.

Moving on to the performances of the Tegimpu Movie cast and crew, Kanmani is a member of Ajith’s gang and is portrayed by Manju Warrier. She effortlessly nailed the action scenes. A wise choice for the position of police commissioner is Samuthirakani.

The Tegimpu story H.Vinoth picked is about a bank robbery. He made an effort to draw people in by portraying Ajith negatively against the backdrop of a bank heist.

The two con artists and Ajith get into some amusing exchanges in the second section. When the movie starts to drag, these sections provide welcome relief. It is a small positive while discussing the Tegimpu Movie review.

Tegimpu Movie Minus points

Despite the fact that the entire movie is jam-packed with fantastic action scenes, none of them elevated Ajith’s bravery. Despite the thrilling action scenes, the conclusion and other stunt scenes were a little too similar.

The primary problem with the Tegimpu movie review is that even Ajith’s fans won’t discover any genuine positives. Everything starts to become predictable, even Ajith’s roles and appearance give off the impression that he is doing so.

The main message should have been made in the movie earlier, and the songs may have been dropped altogether. Although the core idea is excellent, the writing could have used more attention.

Because the movie wrongly jumps from one sequence to another, there are a few places where there is no continuation.

A few outstanding lines saved Vinoth’s story, narrative, and direction from total failure.

Technical Aspects

Let’s now discuss the technical aspects of the review of the movie Tegimpu. Thegimpu’s soundtrack by Ghibran is passable. However, there are just a few tracks, and they are basically filler, therefore the songs are unmemorable.

In fact, they slowed down the movie’s pacing. He could have added more to the scenes to make them more captivating. The narrative is enhanced by the cinematography of Nirav Shah. In terms of the movie’s direction, H.Vinoth did a subpar job. He has used a fantastic plot, but he hasn’t really succeeded in creating a gripping narrative.


Closing words about the Tegimpu movie review are, the film is a fascinating action picture in which Ajith Kumar, dressed in grey shades, discusses the genuine challenges that the ordinary man faces. Thala is the sole star in this heist flick. Though the message is good, the flaws overwhelm it, and the film ends up being just okay.

Tegimpu Movie Review and Rating

worldfree4u Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5