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In a recent interview with Collider, Djimon Hounsou and Staz Nair shared insights into their casting in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film, Rebel Moon. Hounsou revealed the surprising connection with Snyder, recalling their earlier collaboration during the filmmaker’s film school days.

Having modeled for film students in California, Hounsou discovered this history with Snyder, explaining how it led to his involvement in Rebel Moon. The actors humorously acknowledged Snyder’s long-term commitment to the project, comparing its duration to the iconic Game of Thrones series.

Exploring Zack Snyder’s Aesthetic Evolution

Djimon Hounsou and Staz Nair, discussing the ideal entry point into Zack Snyder’s filmography, unanimously recommend “300.” Hounsou expresses how the film left a lasting impact on him both as an audience member and an actor, praising the tremendous creative input and its global resonance.

Nair echoes this sentiment, emphasizing Snyder’s unique ability to balance beauty and brutality, citing “300” as a prime example. They appreciate Snyder’s inclusion of dramatic actors like Michael Fassbender and Gerard Butler in action roles, breaking traditional genre barriers.

Nair highlights Snyder’s commitment to physical aesthetics, rejecting CGI for a more authentic portrayal of warriors, a distinctive feature that enhances the appeal of “300.”

Exploring Zack Snyder’s Homage to ‘Lord of the Rings’

Staz Nair and Djimon Hounsou, discussing Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon,” share their anticipation for audiences in both Part One and Part Two. Nair expresses excitement for the physical marvel of Veldt, a vast, intricately built village, akin to the grand sets of “Lord of the Rings.”

He highlights the romance and beauty of this expansive set. For Part Two, the actors eagerly await the exploration of their characters’ backstories, delving into individual histories, intersections, and the overarching narrative of the misfit characters.

Hounsou emphasizes the evolution of characters facing challenges, praising Snyder’s global casting that reflects geopolitical themes, particularly in Africa. The anticipation builds for Part Two, promising more characters, war, and the culmination of the epic tale after a marathon 153 days of filming.

The ‘Rebel Moon’ Cast Bonds Amidst Production

Djimon Hounsou and Staz Nair, discussing their nerves before filming “Rebel Moon,” share candid insights into their experiences. Hounsou reflects on the anxiety of the first day, a pivotal scene reminiscent of his Gladiator days, where his character Pollux is discovered by the group.

Nair, despite being a seasoned actor, admits to initial nerves sharing the screen with the stellar cast, including Djimon, Charlie, Sofia, Michiel, Ed, and Anthony Hopkins. Focusing on their characters and trusting the work they’ve done, both actors found solace in the humility and camaraderie of their eclectic ensemble.

The shared journey over the challenging 150-day shoot transformed them from nervous peers to genuine brothers and comrades. “Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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