The Single Inferno Season 3 Episodes 4 and 5 Release Date Revealed Love, Twists, and Surprises Await on The Island of Romance!

After the intense “Squid Game The Challenge (Inferno)” where 456 players competed for a massive $4.56 million prize, Netflix is keeping the excitement alive with the upcoming third season of “Single’s Inferno.” This South Korean dating show follows singles as they search for love on a deserted island, offering a unique twist compared to shows like Love Island.

Currently, Single Inferno Season 3 is available for viewing, and fans are eagerly anticipating episodes 4 and 5 of “Single Inferno.” People are curious about the release date, cast, and other details. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information available about Season 3, specifically focusing on episodes 4 and 5.

What is the release date and time for Episodes 4 and 5 of Inferno Season 3?

Episodes 4 and 5 of Single’s Inferno Season 3 are coming out on Tuesday, December 19th, at 5 pm in Korea, 8 am in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and 3 am in Eastern Time (ET). After that, new episodes will be released twice a week until the final episode on January 9, 2024.

How were contestants discovered for Season 3 of Single’s Inferno?

Netflix Tudum shared that the creators of Single’s Inferno Season 3, Kim Na-Hyun and Kim Jae-won, explained how they selected participants for the show. They used hashtags like #girlswhoworkout and #guyswhoworkout on social media to find individuals who are fit and attractive. Additionally, they sought recommendations from the public and reached out to public relations teams in colleges and companies. This thorough approach aimed to ensure they found the best-suited contestants for the upcoming season.

What is the content of the TV show Single’s Inferno?

Single Inferno Season 3 Episodes 4 and 5

In the show called Single’s Inferno, the aim is for attractive singles to find love on a deserted island. The twist is that to escape the island, they must find a romantic match for a special night in a place called ‘Paradise.’

What sets Single’s Inferno apart from Love Island is the challenging starting conditions. Contestants have to fend for themselves, cooking their own meals, getting their own water, and enduring the hot weather on Saseungbong-do, an uninhabited island in Korea.

The game changes when participants think they’ve found a potential match. At this point, they get access to “Paradise,” a more luxurious island where they can have dates with room service and enjoy engaging activities. Importantly, on this island, they can share personal details like their ages and professions, which are off-limits on the initial “Inferno” island.

In Season 3, there are some new developments. Yoo Ki Hwan, Netflix’s unscripted lead for Korea, explained that both “Paradise” and “Inferno” will undergo significant changes. Specifically, “Paradise” won’t just be a luxurious resort; it will transform into a special and intimate place where couples can explore each other’s emotions, making the romantic experience even more profound.

What unexpected events unfolded in Season 3 of Single’s Inferno?

Season 3 of the show aimed to make things exciting by surprising viewers and changing the rules. In the first episode, only six contestants were introduced. Instead of giving them time to get to know each other, they were asked to write down the names of the person they wanted to go to Paradise with. If their choices matched, they could escape. Choi Hye-Seon, a 26-year-old Life Sciences Student from Ewha Women’s University in Korea, matched with Lee Gwan-Hee, a 26-year-old guard for LG Sakers in the Korean Basketball League. Similarly, An Min-Young, a 26-year-old Pilates instructor, matched with Lee Jin-Seok, a 36-year-old cafe owner.

The two matching pairs would spend time getting to know each other in Paradise, while Choi Min-Woo and Kim Gyu-Ri bonded in the Inferno without knowing each other’s identities.

The following day brought another twist. While Gwan-Hee and Hye-Seon were having breakfast, an announcement was made, stating that Hye-Seon had to leave Paradise without Gwan-Hee. Instead, she had to return to the Inferno with another single. Gwan-Hee was left alone in Paradise, where she met a new bachelor who was unaware of the situation. He revealed that he had met four singles in a different Inferno, unveiling the shocking revelation that there were now two Infernos. The first one had the original six contestants, and the second one had five new players.

This twist forms the core of the third season, hinting at a future merging of the two islands and the introduction of new players. This development promises to create emotional challenges for the contestants, adding layers of complexity to their experiences on the show.

How Can You Watch Single’s Inferno Season 3?

Single Inferno Season 3 Episodes 4 and 5

To watch Season 3 of Single Inferno, just go to Netflix. To catch the initial two episodes, you must have a Netflix subscription. There are two options: one costs $6.99 a month and includes ads, while the other is ad-free and costs $15.49 a month. If you choose the plan with ads, you can still enjoy TV shows and movies, but you’ll have to sit through some commercials. On the other hand, the ad-free plan allows you to watch without any interruptions.


Single’s Inferno Season 3, a South Korean dating show on Netflix, continues the excitement with episodes 4 and 5 releasing on December 19th. Contestants search for love on a challenging deserted island, aiming to escape to ‘Paradise’ with a romantic match. Season 3 introduces surprises, including two separate ‘Infernos,’ hinting at a future merge and the addition of new players. Creators used social media hashtags and public recommendations to select contestants based on fitness and attractiveness. The show offers a unique twist compared to others, emphasizing self-sufficiency on the initial island. Viewers can watch on Netflix with subscription options.

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