Ridhi Dogra: I did not understand `Asur` but went with Barun Sobti`s conviction


The cast of `Asur 2` Barun Sobti, Gaurav Arora, Ridhi Dogra, Meiyang Chang, Amey Wagh and Anupriya Goenka, speak to mid-day.com about the 3 year wait between seasons. Find out all about their reunion, what kept them excited about the show, their expectations from season 3 and more!

Speaking about the web series and their reaction on being approached for it, Barun Sobti told mid-day.com, “There were terrific crime thrillers coming out from the US at that time. There were a few attempts made in the movies that weren`t very good and such things weren`t coming out in India. When I read (the script of) `Asur` my mind was blown. The first thing I thought was `I don`t know why they want to cast me.` That`s all I thought.”

Gaurav Arora added, “When Tanveer the producer of season one approached me with the story, within the first five minutes I said `I`m doing this show.` Now we have access to content from across the world and `Asur` matches that. It`s a thriller and what`s most special is that it has got a strong Indian flavour. It sets us apart on a world stage and that was most exciting for me, besides the people associated with it.”

Ridhi Dogra admitted at first she didn`t understand the novel concept of the show, she said, “I honestly didn`t understand the show when I read it but I went with my friend`s (Barun Sobti) conviction. I told him I have tested for this character in a show he was doing and he told me it`s terrific. He`s such a picky actor that I said, if he`s saying this I will go ahead with it. It`s not like you get the whole script when you give an audition, you only know your part and slowly get to know the rest during readings. By then I was already in! Now having done two seasons I call Gaurav Shukla the creator of the show `desi Tarantino` I feel like he is the real Asur and I don`t know how his mind works.” Barun added, “I was the first one to come on board.”

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