Pride Month: ‘Aarya’ director Ram Madhvani talks about the character of ACP Khan


Due to increased awareness of inclusive storytelling and portrayal, audiences` perceptions of gender diversity and the LGBTQIA+ community have evolved over the years. The due credit goes to the visionary filmmakers who channelled this undaunted expression of love and life in stories that needed to be told for decades and that the audiences were excitedly looking forward to. Whether it was ACP Khan from the Emmy-nominated series ‘Aarya’ whose delicate performance touched the hearts of the viewers, or Bijlee`s eccentricity that stole the show, these characters proved their mettle time and again.

Filmmakers and viewers embracing diverse stories, highlighting the need for inclusive representation helps eliminate preconceived notions – especially with characters like ACP Khan from Disney+ Hotstar’s ‘Aarya’, a tough, tenacious police officer who is also struggling with his sexuality. Let’s take a step back and understand director Ram Madhvani’s process of drawing out the character of ACP Khan, and the unique way he told his story.
Talking about his inspiration behind ACP Khan’s character from ‘Aarya’, director Ram Madhvani said, “When we were developing the character of ACP Khan for the show, the team wanted to showcase a character with depth and vulnerability, allowing audiences to connect. The positive response and appreciation have been truly gratifying.”

Elaborating on the change in on-screen representation of LGBTQIA characters over the years, ‘Aarya’ director Madhvani said, “The evolution of on-screen representations towards more nuanced and edgier storytelling is an important and positive change. In recent years, we have witnessed a shift towards exploring diverse narratives. This change allows for a broader range of stories and characters to be depicted on screen, offering a more comprehensive and authentic reflection of society. It`s encouraging to see both filmmakers and viewers embracing these narratives, as it indicates a growing recognition of the importance of inclusive representation. This changing perception reflects a growing understanding of the importance of inclusive storytelling and the need for authentic representation. The positive reception encourages the exploration of more nuanced narratives.”

The queer community has brought in a whole new spectrum of storytelling and taken the audiences on a refreshing journey with these characters having their own story arcs. Seasons 1&2 of ‘Aarya’ are available on Disney+ Hotstar. Season 3 of the series is much awaited.

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