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Physical 100 Season 2 Release Date: Netflix’s popular reality show, Physical: 100, is making a comeback with its highly anticipated second season titled “Underground,” scheduled to hit screens in March. Following the tremendous success of its initial season, the show’s return has been eagerly awaited. Recently, on February 21, Netflix K-Content officially announced the release date for the upcoming season through its social media platforms, accompanied by the unveiling of the official poster.

Physical: 100 is an action-packed survival show that puts the spotlight on the physical prowess of numerous individuals striving to achieve peak body perfection. The show features a diverse lineup of participants, including powerful athletes, martial arts experts, FBI diplomats, police officers, actors, singers, and more.

The initial season garnered praise from fans and viewers alike, achieving the remarkable feat of securing the No. 1 position on Netflix’s Global TOP 10 TV Shows (Non-English) category in over 82 countries. Within just six weeks of its release, the show accumulated an impressive 192.63 million viewing hours on the Netflix platform.

The excitement continues with the upcoming premiere of Physical: 100 Season 2 on Netflix later this year. Stay tuned for all the latest updates, including release dates, cast rumors, and more.

When Will Season 2 of Physical 100 Be Released?

The initial Episode of Physical: 100 season 2 – Underground is coming to Netflix on Tuesday, March 19. You can catch the first episode then!

Who Is Part of The New Cast for Physical Season 100 Season 2?

We haven’t seen the complete list of all 100 competitors yet, but we already know about some really interesting ones who are all set to join the competition. Among them are famous athletes like Kim Dong-hyun, who’s the first Korean UFC fighter and has won the most matches in Korea. Then there’s Lee Won-hee, who won a gold medal in judo, and Anthony Jung, a gold medalist in wrestling.

Apart from these sports stars, the contestants come from various other professions too. We’ll see FBI diplomats, actors, singers, police officers, and military personnel stepping into the arena, making the competition quite diverse and exciting.

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What Will Happen in Physical 100 Season 2?

The last season took ideas from ancient Greece, but the next one goes deeper underground. In this season, participants will show their best skills by facing tough challenges in mines. Director Jang Ho-gi suggested that contestants will deal with even harder tasks in a harsh environment.

The number of contestants who were once national representatives or are currently serving as representatives has gone up by a significant 30 percent in the second season.

Producer Jang Ho-gi, who led the first season of Physical: 100, gave a sneak peek of what’s coming next. He said the production team spent over a year preparing for this season and urged viewers to get excited about what’s to come. He said,

“If season 1 was like ancient Greece, season 2 is about going into the underground, especially mines.”

He also talked about the increased competition among contestants and mentioned,

“I think you’ll enjoy the tougher challenges and surprises we’ve been planning for over a year.”

About Season 1 of the TV show Physical: 100

Physical 100 Season 2

The first season of the show took a lot of ideas from Ancient Greek culture to make it more exciting. They set up challenges and rules like the ones they used to have in Ancient Greece to make things harder for the contestants. In that season, Won Jin-young, who’s good at snowboarding and CrossFit, won against 99 other people. He got a cash prize of 300 million Korean Won, which is about 230,000 US dollars.

Where to Watch Physical 100 Season 2?

The first episode of on Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground will be available on Netflix starting Tuesday, March 19th.

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Is There a Trailer for Physical 100 Season 2?

Physical 100 Season 2

Unfortunately, there isn’t a trailer out yet for Season 2 of Physical 100.


Physical: 100 Season 2, titled Underground, returns to Netflix in March. The action-packed reality show highlights physical prowess with diverse participants, including athletes and professionals. Season 1 topped Netflix’s Global TOP 10 TV Shows in 82 countries, accumulating 192.63 million viewing hours. Season 2 premieres on March 19, featuring renowned athletes like Kim Dong-hyun and Lee Won-hee. Contestants face challenges in mines, promising tougher tasks and increased competition. Season 1 drew inspiration from Ancient Greece, offering a $230,000 prize to winner Won Jin-young. Season 2 will be exclusively available on Netflix from March 19th.

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