Oscar 2023 nomination:– Naatu Naatu nominated for Oscar


The day that many Indian film enthusiasts have been anticipating has finally arrived with the nomination of Naatu Naatu for an Oscar. By earning an Oscar nomination, the worldwide hit film RRR, directed by master storyteller SS Rajamouli, created history.

“Natu Natu” was one step away from becoming a classic. In 2023, the song from “RRR” received an Oscar nomination. Let’s delve further into the Naatu Naatu Oscar nomination.

Naatu Naatu nominated for Oscar

One more step will separate Naatu Naatu Song from history. The movie “RRRsong “‘s received an Oscar nomination. The Oscars are once again the center of the Indian audience’s attention after that.

Naatu Naatu Song most recently took home the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. The honor was shared by lyricist Chandra Bose and music director M.M. Keeravani. Keeravani accepted the honor on the Golden Globe stage with pride.

RRR Oscar - Naatu Naatu nominated for Oscar

The Oscar nomination, however, is the focus of attention. This is because the Oscars are regarded as the largest honor in the movie industry! Since Naatu Naatu received an Oscar nomination, there has been controversy about the nominations.

Oscar 2023 nomination ‘Naatu Naatu…’ is one of those 15 songs!

There are a total of 23 categories in which the Academy Awards (Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences) present prizes. The 15 tracks that have been shortlisted for the Songs category are “Natu Natu…” 81 songs in total met the requirements to participate in this category. Only 15 tracks were chosen for the final cut. One of those fifteen songs is “Naatu Naatu” from “RRR.”

Winners will be announced on March 23rd!

Today saw the announcement of the Oscar 2023 nominees. On March 23, 2023, the winners will be declared. On that day, the Oscars programme will take place. Who has a better chance of winning right now, based on the nominations? It begins to feel foreseeable.

India’s “Chello Show” has been nominated for a “Best International Film” award. “All the Breaths” won the award for “Best Documentary Feature.” Additionally, “The Elephant Whispers” made the shortlist for “Best Documentary Short Film.”

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