New Spanish Netflix Movies and Series Coming in 2024 & Beyond

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Welcome along to another big preview of what Netflix has in store for you over the coming year or so. This time, we’re looking into all the upcoming Spanish titles on the way, whether they’re new series or movies. 

In anticipation of their 2024 slate, Netflix ES put out a preview video for their upcoming slate of movies and series featuring some of the stars you’ll see in their respective shows.

We’ve got other slate previews for Netflix for what’s coming in 2024 and beyond! We’ve got our master list of what’s coming up in 2024 here, plus previews of Netflix’s British, German, and French slate of titles.

Now, let’s get into all the known Netflix movies and series coming up from Spain.

Note: Titles are listed alphabetically after titles with release dates.

Renewed Netflix Spanish Series Coming Soon to Netflix

Let’s begin with Spanish Netflix shows we know are coming back for new seasons.

  • Alpha Males (Season 2) – Spanish comedy series confirmed to return on February 9th, 2024.
  • Fame After Fame – Docu-reality series continuing throughout 2024.
  • Elite (Season 8) – Netflix’s longest-running Spanish show (and one of Netflix’s longest-running shows, period), Elite, will be bowing out with its eighth and final season in 2024.
  • I Am Georgina / Soy Georgina (Season 3) – Reality series confirmed to return in 2024.
  • The Snow Girl (Season 2) – The mystery thriller is currently filming its second season, but it’s unclear whether it’ll be back for season 2.

Berlin recently debuted and could conceivably come back for a second season, given that it now ranks in Netflix’s all-time top 10. Alex Pina has also suggested we could see more Money Heist.

New Spanish Series Coming Soon to Netflix


Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

1992 Netflix Series

Picture: Netflix

Álex De la Iglesia is behind this new thriller mini-series that tells the story of mysterious murders with a common pattern: alongside the burned victims, there always appears a doll of Curro, the iconic mascot of the 1992 Seville Expo.

Netflix has confirmed a 2024 release date for this title, with our latest intel suggesting it’s planned for release in October 2024.

Assault on the Central Bank / Asalto al Banco Central

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

Asalto Al Banco Central Netflix

Picture: Netflix

If you’ve been with Netflix for any length of time, you should be familiar with Miguel Herrán by now! He played Rio in Money Heist but also featured in Netflix’s Sky High and Elite. Now, he’s set his next Netflix series, where he’ll star alongside María Pedraza and Hovik Keuchkerian.

Set to release as a 5-part mini-series, the show is set in 1981 and follows a televised robbery that attacks Spanish democracy itself with robbers demanding the release of the perpetrators of a previous coup d’état.

Breathless / Respira

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

Respira Netflix Series Netflix

Picture: Netflix

Announced in July 2023, this new series is a medical drama hailing from the production company El Desorden Crea and creator Carlos Montero.

The show’s plot revolves around a young doctor who has spent countless hours training for the job only to land in a hospital that’s at breaking point with prevalent strikes and budget cuts on the way.

Manu Ríos, Najwa Nimri, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, and Blanca Suárez are set to lead the cast of the series.

Gangs of Galicia / Clanes

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

Clanes Netflix Series

Pictures: Netflix

Jorge Guerricaechevarría is the creator and scriptwriter of this new series about a lawyer settling in a new small town of Cabados and is soon noticed by a local drug trafficker and head of a local clan.

Clara Lago and Tamar Novas headline the cast, with production on this new series having now wrapped after beginning in mid-2023.

Iron Reign / Mano de Hierro 

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

Mano De Hierro Netflix

Picture: Netflix

Also featuring a big star from Money Heist is Mano de Hierro, a new mini-series where Jaime Lorente will star alongside Eduard Fernández, Sergi López, Chino Darín, and Enric Auquer.

The series is set to consist of six episodes and is set in one of Barcelona’s busiest seaports. It follows Joaquin Manchado, owner of the main terminal, who is central to this drug trafficking network. However, an accident and the loss of a significant cocaine shipment trigger a violent conflict involving murders and revenge.

Production began on the series back in November 2022 and has been confirmed for a 2024 release.

LaLiga 24

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

La Liga Netflix Series

Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Continuing Netflix’s success with shoulder content for sports franchises like Formula 1, the PGA, and NASCAR, Netflix will be delving deep into the soccer/football league LaLiga 24, a docuseries focusing on the first division of the Spanish football league.

La última noche en Tremore Beach

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

La Ultima Noche En Tremore Beach Netflix

Pictures: Netflix

Based on the book by Mikel Santiago, this new mystery thriller series follows Peter Harper, a prestigious soundtrack composer who is going through a messy divorce and decides to take a break in Ireland at a beach house, but his plans for relaxation are soon destroyed by a big storm.

Javier Rey, Ana Polvorosa, and Josean Bengoetxea lead the cast for the new Netflix mini-series.

Raising Voices / Ni Una Más

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

Raising Voices Netflix

Picture: Netflix

Clara Galle and Nicole Wallace will headline this new teen drama based on the novel by Miguel Sáez Carral.

Here’s the premise of the series:

“A 17-year-old student’s life takes a huge turn when she hangs on the school’s facade a billboard saying ‘Careful: Rapist hiding here’.”

The Asunta Case / El caso Asunta

Confirmed for release on Netflix in 2024

The Asunta Case El Caso Asunta Netflix

From Bambú Producciones comes this biopic series that retells the story of the murder of Asunta Basterra. Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa play the roles of Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra with filming having commenced last May 2023 in Galicia.

Rounding out:

New Spanish Movies Coming in 2024 & Beyond

Society of the Snow

Released on Netflix: January 4th, 2024

Society Of The Snow Netflix Movie Review Should You Watch

Picture: Netflix

Despite Society of the Snow having already been released on Netflix, it’d be criminal to omit it from this list given that it’s kickstarted a monster year for the streamer and has already been breaking records. As you may have heard, the movie is already in the all-time top 10 for Netflix and also scooped an Oscar nomination for best international film.

A making-of documentary was also released on Netflix.

Through My Window 3: Looking At You / A través de tu mirada

Coming to Netflix: February 23rd, 2024

Through My Window 3 Looking At You

Picture: Netflix

Netflix has had a few successes when it comes to creating a romantic comedy movie franchise, with To All The Boys being the biggest. They’re also known for importing After in select regions. On the Spanish front, they’ve found success with Through My Window, with the first movie being the fifth biggest international movie in Netflix’s history.

In this concluding entry in the trilogy, the final movie sees Marçal Forés return to direct, with the big overarching question being: Will Raquel and Ares fall in love again?

Wall to Wall / Pared Con Pared 

Pared Con Pared Netflix

Picture: Netflix

Popular singer/songwriter Aitana will be headlining this new romantic comedy movie for Netflix alongside Fernando Guallar. Javier Rodrigo Saavedra for Los40 has an excellent preview, walking you through everything known about the series thus far.

The Platform 2 / El Hoyo 2

The Platform 2 Netflix

Picture: Netflix

At the time of publishing, The Platform sits as the third biggest international Netflix movie of all time, and it was only right that a sequel was put into development.

Netflix’s own coverage of their 2024 Spanish slate reveal can be found here.

What new Spanish show are you most looking forward to on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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