New K-Dramas on Netflix in February 2024

So far, February is shaping up to be one of the quietest months for K-dramas on Netflix we’ve had for some time. However, there’s still plenty of time for more announcements to be revealed. Here are all of the latest K-dramas coming to Netflix in February 2024.

In case you missed them, we’ve also kept track of the latest K-drama releases in January 2024. We’re also tracking all the new K-dramas coming in 2024 and beyond.

N = Netflix Original

New K-Dramas on Netflix in February 2024

A Killer Paradox (Season 1) N

New Episodes: 9
Genre: Crime, Thriller | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Choi Woo Shik, Son Suk Ku, Lee Hee Joon, Hyun Bong Sik, Kim Yo Han
Netflix Release Date: February 9th, 2024

A Killer Paradox Most Anticipated K Dramas Netflix 2024

A Korean crime thriller centered around a murderous anti-hero vigilante sounds like a recipe for a new smash hit series on Netflix.

The series is centered around Lee Tang, a seemingly ordinary college student who, after getting into an argument with a customer during a shift at the convenience store, accidentally kills him. The terror of going to jail turns to joy when Lee Tang learns that the person who accidentally killed was a serial killer, and before long, he learns that he can identify evil people. Wishing to use his powers for good, Lee Tang becomes a vigilante, punishing those with wicked pasts.

Returning Weekly K-Dramas on Netflix in February 2024

Doctor Slump (Season 1) N

New Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Medical, Romance | Runtime: 45 Minutes
Cast: Park Shin Hye, Park Hyung Sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong Ha, Jang Hye Jin
Netflix Finale Date: March 17th, 2024 | New Episodes: Saturday & Sunday

As Doctor Slump premieres on Netflix at the very end of January, we can’t report on the K-drama’s popularity yet. However, there is plenty of anticipation for the new weekly drama, and alongside Queen of Divorce, it’s a brilliant start to weekly K-dramas on Netflix this year.

Plastic surgeon Yeo Jung Woo and anesthesiologist Nam Ha Neul are in the darkest hours of their lives, as Jung Woo’s perfect life is destroyed after a surgical accident, and Nam Ha Neul feels like her life has no meaning outside of the hospital.

Queen of Divorce (Season 1) N

New Episodes: 16
Genre: Law, Drama | Runtime: TBA
Cast: Lee Ji Ah, Kang Ki Young, Kim Sun Young, Oh Min Suk
Netflix Finale Date: March 7th, 2024 | New Episodes: Wednesday & Thursday

Queen Of Divorce K Dramas Coming To Netflix In February 2024

Picture: Queen of Divorce – jTBC

Previously titled the Great Problem Solver, the K-drama has since been renamed Queen of Divorce, arguably the more enticing title. The new weekly law drama from jTBC will see the return of Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Kang Ki Young. Meanwhile, The Penthouse: War in Life actress Lee Ah Ji is making her official Netflix debut

Korea’s greatest marriage counselor has the solution to punish bad spouses and end the problems in their clients’ marriages.

What K-dramas are you looking forward to watching on Netflix in February 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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