New French Netflix Originals Coming in 2024 & Beyond

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What’s next for Netflix’s French output? Below, we’ll preview some of the upcoming titles that Netflix has in development from its French division, including all the movies and series confirmed to be in development so far.

Netflix France has produced some major hits for Netflix in recent years. Lupin is perhaps their most significant title, having secured numerous spots on the most-watched all-time list. On the film side, they’ve found success with titles such as Miraculous, The Takedown, Restless, Lost Bullet, and Rogue City.

However, it must be said that the country has had its fair share of less successful ventures. These have been diligently tracked by Frédéric, a contributor to What’s on Netflix, on his blog Netflix N Chiffres. Another report from the blog suggests that their content ranks as the fifth most popular in Europe, trailing behind Poland, Spain, Britain, and Norway.

So what is coming up? Here are all the confirmed movies plus the new and returning series coming to Netflix from France.

New French Movies Coming to Netflix in 2024 & Beyond

The Wages of Fear

Le salaire de la peur Netflix 2024

Picture: Netflix

Announced back in April 2023, Netflix will produce a remake of the classic 1953 movie The Wages of Fear, reteaming with regular contributor Julien Leclercq. The writer/director has worked with Netflix France on Ganglands, The Crew, and Earth and Blood.

Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir, Ana Girardot, and Sofiane Zermani are confirmed to star in the action remake about four people being hired to transport highly flammable material through a hostile South America.

Confirmed for release on Netflix globally in 2024.


gtmax netflix france movie

Picture: Netflix

As mentioned, Netflix France has been great at creating action crime thrillers, and they’ll be tapping that genre again with GTMax in 2024.

Solélie (Ava Baya), a former motocross prodigy turned coach after an accident, is thrown into a dilemma when her brother, Michael, is recruited by Tmax scooter thieves for a heist in Paris. She must confront her fears and intervene to save him.

Rounding out the cast for the movie includes Jalil Lespert, Jérémie Laheurte, Thibaut Evrard, Riadh Belaïche, Gérard Lanvin, Samir Decazza, and Clémentine Célarié.

Confirmed for release on Netflix globally in 2024.

Nice Girls

noemie saglio nice girls netflix

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Noémie Saglio, who has directed episodes on Netflix’s flagship show Stranger Things, will get her own Netflix film debut in 2024 with the release of Nice Girls.

The cast includes Alice Taglioni, Stefi Celma, Baptiste Lecaplain, and Noémie Lvovsky, with filming having commenced back in September.

Per Netflix, here’s what you can expect from the new crime comedy:

“The intrepid Léo, self-proclaimed “best cop on the Riviera”, learns that his colleague and brother Ludo has been killed in Hamburg. While she wants to discover the truth, she is forced by her superior to let a German supercop do it. There is no question of letting a “shame in a suit” investigate, especially when she discovers that it is in fact the attractive and highly trained Mélanie. Forced to team up, these two women with characters as explosive as they are opposites have no idea that Nice is facing an imminent threat and that they are more linked than they imagine…”

Untitled Xavier Gens Film

Xavier Gens Film Netflix

Picture: Netflix

Xavier Gens is a veteran of the movie and TV business. On the movie side, he’s worked on Hollywood blockbusters like Hitman and Cold Skin, and on the TV side, he’s directed episodes of Netflix’s Mortel and Lupin, plus the popular Gangs of London series.

His first solo Netflix movie will come in the form of a thriller set during the Olympics that will take place in France next year.

The official logline for the new movies is as follows:

“With the help of a young activist, a marine scientist must prevent a bloodbath when a giant shark appears in the Seine days before a triathlon in Paris.”

Confirmed for release on Netflix globally in 2024.

Werewolves / Loups-Garous

werewolves loups garous netflix 2024

Picture: Netflix

Radar Films is behind the new adaptation of a board game by Hervé Marly and Philippe des Pallières. It’s designed to be a new fantasy comedy that sees a village fall victim to werewolves whenever night falls.

Franck Dubosc, Jean Reno, Suzanne Clément, and Grégory Fitoussi are set to star in the new movie with François Uzan directing.

Confirmed to debut on Netflix in 2024.

New French Series Coming to Netflix in 2024 & Beyond


anthracite netflix series

© Christine Tamalet / Netflix

First revealed by Allocine in March 2023, no release date has yet been set for the new mystery thriller from showrunner Fanny Robert.

Set over three decades starting in 1994, the series looks into the mass suicide of a cult that resided in a small village in the heart of the Alps. Now, all these years later, a new murder re-opens the investigation.

The cast for the new six-episode series includes Clément Penohat, Noémie Schmidt, Camille Lou, Nicolas Godart, and Raphaël Ferret.


fiasco netflix series france

Picture: Netflix

On the comedy front, Netflix FR has lined up a new 7-episode series Fiasco, first announced in February 2023. It comes from the creator of Netflix’s Family Business and Five.

Pierre Niney, Géraldine Nakache, Pascal Demolon, Leslie Medina, Louise Coldefy, Djimo, Juliette Gasquet, and Igor Gotesman will star.

Here’s the official logline for the new series via Netflix:

“Raphael, a young, ambitious director, is making his first feature film – the pressure – but the mise-en-scene on the set of his making of will disrupt his plans and bring about a chaos without end.”

Furies / Fury

furies fury netflix series france

Picture: Netflix

Headlined by Lina El Arabi, this new series plunges you into the criminal world of Paris, the mysterious and ruthless Fury reigns over the dangerous underworld.

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan directs the new series with Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave serving as the writing team.

The series will compete with the South Korean movie Furies, released on Netflix in 2023; that is likely why all references to the series have since switched to Fury.

The new series is expected to land on Netflix in 2024.

The Cage / La Cage 

la cage netflix

Picture: Getty Images

Actor-director Franck Gastambide is teaming up with Netflix for a series on MMA titled La Cage. Gastambide most recently succeeded with Prime Video for Medellin and worked on the series Validé.

While the synopsis of La Cage remains under wraps, we know that MMA legend Georges St-Pierre will play a significant role. The rest of the cast includes several figures from the sport, such as Ciryl Gane, Saladine Parnasse, Morgan Charrière, Abdoul Abdouraguimov, Taylor Lapilus, Ramzan Jembiev, Anissa Meksen, Bilel Jkitou, Souleymane Cissokho, and Samy Sana.

The series is expected to arrive on Netflix in 2024 with the current scheduled date on Netflix suggesting a November window.

Renewed Netflix Original French Series Returning

Finally, we know that at least one scripted French Netflix Original series is coming back for more episodes plus a few unscripted titles:

  • Represent – the political comedy series from comedian Jean-Pascal Zadi is the only currently confirmed returning Netflix Original French series.
  • Rhythm + Flow France – Music competition reality show.
  • Tour de France: Unchained – Docuseries on the famous cycling race will return. France Télévisions also distributes with confirmation it’ll be back for a new season in 2024.

Lupin is expected, according to numerous sources, to return for Part 4, although it has yet to be confirmed.

The other French Originals currently awaiting renewal include:

  • Blood Coast
  • Christmas Flow
  • Dealer
  • Ganglands
  • Into the Night
  • Thicker than Water
  • Mortel
  • Off the Hook
  • Vampires

For more French content on Netflix, check out our library page, digging into all the French language Originals and licensed titles currently streaming.

What new French show or movie are you looking forward to watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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