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My Demon Episode 17: My Demon is a charming romantic comedy penned by Choi Ah-il, gaining popularity among Korean drama enthusiasts for its talented cast. The main characters, played by Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung, along with Lee Sang-yi, have stirred excitement. The story unfolds around Do Do Hee, heiress to the Future Group conglomerate. Despite her calm demeanor, she harbors some arrogance and skepticism about love. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Do Do Hee enters into a contractual marriage with a demon named Jung Koo Won.

The show’s trailer has added to the anticipation, offering a sneak peek into the fascinating storyline. Viewers can expect an engaging journey as the series unveils the unique dynamics between these characters. Fans eagerly await Episode 17, eager to discover the twists and turns in the narrative.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of My Demon Episode 17, covering all available details. If you’re curious about what’s in store, read on for a complete summary of the upcoming developments in the series.

Will There Be an Episode 17 of My Demon?

We regret to let you know that Season 1 has come to an end, and there won’t be any more new episodes of My Demon. Episode 16 marks the conclusion of this series, and unfortunately, there won’t be any episodes 17 or beyond.

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What Is the Plot of My Demon Season 1?

Let me tell you about Do Hee. She’s a successful CEO who started a dessert business in college and made it big in just seven years. She’s totally into her work and has no time for romance. But then she meets Jung Gu Won, and fate has something in store for her.

Do Hee thinks she saved Gu Won from drowning, but in reality, she unintentionally took away his powers. Why? Because Gu Won is the Devil himself! Even though he fell into Do Hee’s trap, he strikes a deal—he has to stick with her to regain his powers because now he’s connected to her.

Now, he’s working in her office, turning Do Hee’s life upside down. She doesn’t want him around, thinking he’s harming her reputation by being there. Gu Won, on the other hand, takes advantage of the situation, pretending they’re a couple in front of friends and coworkers.

Will this make-believe love turn real? Can a woman who’s captured the devil’s heart make him lose after more than 200 years of winning? It’s a captivating story to follow.

Who Are the Actors in The First Season of The Show My Demon?

My Demon Episode 17

Here is a list of the actors and the characters they portray in the show:

  1. Kim Yoo-Jung plays the role of Do Do-hee.
  2. Song Kang embodies the character Jung Gu-won.
  3. Lee Sang-yi takes on the persona of Joo Seok-hoon.
  4. Kim Hae-sook convincingly portrays Joo Cheon-sook.
  5. Kim Tae-hoon brings the personality of Noh Seok-min to life.
  6. Lee Yoon-ji plays the character Noh Soo-an.
  7. Jo Yeon-hee skillfully portrays Kim Se-ra on screen.
  8. Kang Seung-ho acts as Noh Do-kyung in the series.
  9. Park Do-yoon takes on the character Austin with finesse.
  10. Kang Da-on assumes the role of Justin in the show.

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Recap of My Demon Season 1 Episode 16

My Demon Episode 17

In the final part of the story, Do-hee is deeply upset over what seems like Gu-won sacrificing himself. This leads her to neglect her well-being, contemplate suicide, and eventually end up in the hospital. After some time, she tries to move on with her life but still longs for Gu-won, frequently visiting the places they used to go and hoping for his return.

The good news is that Gu-won does come back. Do-hee’s wish is fulfilled, and it turns out that God played a role in this, as she lost a bet to Gu-won and decided to be generous. Some might argue that this resolution is a bit too simple, but it was necessary for the story.

Once reunited, Gu-won and Do-hee embrace the Christmas spirit. However, there are unresolved issues, such as the deal Gu-won made with Do-hee’s father to save her pregnant mother’s life. Gu-won kept this information from Do-hee to spare her confusion and misery. With this obstacle overcome, they share a kiss.

Suk-min, who had been thrilled about causing trouble for Do-hee and Gu-won, ends up getting arrested. Do-hee visits him in prison to deliver the news of Gu-won’s return, and Suk-min’s destructive plans backfire on him, driving him to madness.

As for Se-ra, she faces a bittersweet ending. Reminded of her son’s love and protection, she decided to open a shelter for children suffering from domestic violence. Ga-young, on the other hand, encounters a situation similar to her own past abuse and decides to stay in Korea to report the father to the police, taking responsibility for the child’s well-being.

In the final four months of the series, Gu-won continues his work of collecting souls but becomes more selective. Seok-hoon becomes the CEO of Mirae Group, and Do-hee happily works under him. Do-hee learns that Suk-min will remain in jail with a death sentence, and Madam Ju has late-stage cancer, explaining her urgency for Do-hee to get married.

The series concludes with Gu-won and Do-hee together. While they may bicker, their deep love for each other prevails. They live in the present, disregarding the significant differences in their lifespans, and find happiness and safety in each other’s company.

How to Watch My Demon Season 1?

My Demon Episode 17

You can watch My Demon Season 1 on Netflix.


My Demon is a popular Korean romantic comedy, that features lead characters Do Do Hee and demon Jung Koo Won, portrayed by Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung. The plot takes an unexpected turn with their contractual marriage, explored in the series’ trailer. However, the article reveals that Season 1 has concluded with Episode 16, leaving fans without Episode 17. The recap of the final episode highlights the reunion of Do-hee and Gu-won, resolving various storylines. The series stars Kim Yoo-Jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang-yi, and others. My Demon Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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