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Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 7 Release Date: Love Is Blind season 6 is currently airing, and many people have been looking forward to it. In case you’re not familiar, Love Is Blind is like a big test where single folks go on dates without seeing each other’s faces. They pick who to be with solely based on their personalities. Sometimes, these couples even decide to get engaged without ever laying eyes on each other in person. It’s only after they get engaged that they finally meet face-to-face.

The trailer for the new season was released on Jan. 23, giving us a glimpse of the potential couples and, of course, the drama. The show premiered on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

After watching the first 6 episodes of Love is Blind season 6, fans have been eagerly awaiting the 7th episode. In this article, we’ll share all the available information we have about Love is Blind season 6 episode 7. So, keep reading to find out more about what happens in episode 7 of Love is Blind season 6.

When Will Episode 7 of Season 6 of Love Is Blind Be Released?

The new episodes of Love Is Blind Season 6, specifically Episodes 7 to 9, will come out on February 21, 2024. While we’re not sure about the exact time they’ll be available, Netflix usually releases its new episodes around 8:00 in the morning Pacific Time. So, here’s a rough estimate of when you can expect them in different time zones:

  • 8:00 A.M. PT (Pacific Time Zone)
  • 11:00 A.M. ET (Eastern Time Zone)
  • 4:00 P.M. BST (British Summer Time)
  • 5:00 P.M. CET (Central European Time Zone)

In Which Location Does Season 6 of Love Is Blind Happen?

Netflix announced that Season 6 of Love is Blind will feature a fresh batch of singles from Charlotte, North Carolina. These individuals will dive into the adventure of love and finding themselves, according to the streaming platform.

In the past, the show took place in various cities: Season 5 was in Houston, Season 4 in Seattle, and Season 3 in Dallas.

Who Are the People Presenting love Is Blind?

Vanessa and Nick Lachey are the people who host the show.

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Who Is in The Cast of Love Is Blind Season 6?

This season brings a bunch of fresh faces in what they call the “pod squad.” There are 30 singles, all between the ages of 25 and 37, who are looking for love.

According to Netflix, the cast is quite diverse. We’ve got two flight attendants, a middle school principal, a salesman who also DJs on the side, and even a former three-sport athlete who’s now a makeup artist!

Here’s the rundown of who you’ll see on the show and what they do:

  • Brittany, 25, works as a Senior Client Partner.
  • Alejandra, 28, is a Financial Consultant.
  • AD, 33, is a Real Estate Broker.
  • Mackenzie, 25, makes magic as a Makeup Artist.
  • Amy C, 34, directs PR efforts.
  • Sarah Ann, 30, manages Customer Support.
  • Danette, 33, serves passengers as a Flight Attendant.
  • Sunni, 34, analyzes businesses.
  • Laura, 34, leads accounts as an Account Director.
  • Jessica, 29, assists executives.
  • Danielle, 30, handles Corporate Communications.
  • Chelsea, 31, flies and plans events as a Flight Attendant and Event Planner.
  • Amy, 28, specializes in E-commerce.
  • Amber, 31, sells medical devices.
  • Ashley, 32, cares for patients as a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Matthew, 37, advises on financial matters.

Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 7

  • Kenneth, 26, leads a middle school.
  • Austin, 27, sells software.
  • Jamal, 32, directs a store.
  • Jimmy, 28, also sells software.
  • Vince, 35, practices law.
  • Clay, 31, manages enterprise sales and is an entrepreneur.
  • Nolan, 31, consults on management.
  • Trevor, 31, manages projects.
  • Drake, 32, produces videos.
  • Ariel, 32, brokers mortgages.
  • Jeramey, 32, deals with intralogistics.
  • Deion, 27, also sells software.
  • Ben, 34, architects cloud solutions.
  • Johnny, 28, handles accounts as an executive.

With such a diverse group, sparks are bound to fly!

What’s the Newest Buzz About Season 6 of Love Is Blind?

In the first set of episodes for season six released on February 14th, fans of the Netflix dating show watched as a new group of contestants met and formed connections in special pods before expressing their love.

In this latest season, the show offered viewers eight potential couples, a significant increase from the previous season where only three couples were featured, despite more engagements occurring. According to, many of the contestants in season six found themselves entangled in romantic entanglements, grappling with their emotions as they embarked on this journey.

Ten of the contestants felt confident enough to propose to their partners without even seeing each other face-to-face, after shedding some tears and sharing embarrassing moments in the pods.

Following this, the five couples who recently got engaged—Amy and Johnny, Amber Desiree and Clay, Chelsea and Jimmy, Jeramy and Laura, and Kenneth and Brittany—traveled to the Dominican Republic to see if the deep emotional and physical connections they formed in the pods would hold up in person.

In episode 6, when the couples finally laid eyes on each other for the first time, there were intense emotions and a bit of envy among some. The episode ended on a suspenseful note, hinting that the five couples who moved in together in Charlotte, North Carolina, might face challenges ahead.

Where Can You Watch Love Is Blind Season 6?

Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 7

You can now watch Season 6 of Love is Blind on Netflix. It’s available for everyone to enjoy


Love Is Blind Season 6 features singles in Charlotte, NC, forming connections without seeing each other’s faces. The trailer released on Jan 23 previews drama and potential couples. Episodes 7-9 will be released on Feb 21, 2024. Vanessa and Nick Lachey host. The diverse cast includes professionals like flight attendants and lawyers. Engaged couples meet face-to-face after forming emotional bonds. Tensions rise as they move in together in Charlotte. Season 6 explores love and relationships, offering increased engagement and drama. Available on Netflix, the show unfolds romantic entanglements and emotional challenges in a unique dating experiment.

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