Konkona Sensharma: I don`t think it is always powerful to show something upfront


It’s a pity Konkona Sensharma doesn’t direct more often, because when she does, we are treated to rich storytelling. In her second Hindi directorial venture, `Lust Stories 2`, the actor-filmmaker goes beyond the primary emotion of lust and addresses voyeurism, loneliness and class divide. “It’s nice to talk about things that aren’t regularly seen or spoken about,” she smiles.  

The short is winning rave reviews

The Mirror, her segment in the Netflix anthology, revolves around Tillotama Shome’s character, who discovers that her help—essayed by Amruta Subhash—regularly has sex in her apartment. Barring a few lovemaking scenes, the director makes clever use of a mirror, camera movements and objects in the room to imply the proceedings. “We needed to show some amount of sexual activity to put across some ideas. We planned [those scenes] in great detail—which angle the [camera will be in], and who is comfortable with what. [But] I don’t think it’s always powerful to show something upfront. Sometimes alluding to it [is more effective], like in the case of violence. Ideas can be powerful without their physical depiction,” states Sensharma. 

Her lead actor Shome has often expressed how it’s wonderful to collaborate with female filmmakers. But Sensharma asserts that an artiste’s progressive values are hardly influenced by their gender. “It’s not a male or female thing. There are some women who are misogynistic, maybe without realising it. I have been lucky to meet many men who are very sensitive. So, it depends on your thinking.” 

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