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Despite initial setbacks and lackluster reviews, the film “Mother’s Day,” featuring Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, found a new lease on life through Netflix. The streaming platform’s reach breathed fresh vitality into the movie, turning it into a beautiful success despite its rocky start. Additionally, we’ll explore another film’s unexpected Netflix resurgence in 2024, showcasing the platform’s transformative power in revitalizing cinematic experiences.

How ‘Mother’s Day’ Defied Reviews to Rule Netflix Viewing Charts?

In April 2016, Garry Marshall’s “Mother’s Day” faced a disappointing box office run and scathing reviews with an 8% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, post-release, the film experienced a resurgence, garnering a 71% approval on Google and thriving on Netflix.

ScreenCrush reported the surprising feat of becoming the most-watched in multiple countries, while Pure Wow highlighted its significant viewership in the US, even outside the Mother’s Day season. Despite initial setbacks, the film secured the seventh spot on Netflix’s most-watched list, emphasizing the unpredictability of audience preferences and the platform’s capacity to breathe new life into cinematic works.

How Julia Roberts’ Aesthetic Steals the Spotlight in ‘Mother’s Day’?

Julia Roberts’ appearance, especially her short hair in “Mother’s Day,” sparked discussions among fans, overshadowing her performance. Despite being nominated for the worst actress award, the attention shifted to her distinctive look. Roberts humorously mentioned not putting much thought into her appearance, attributing it to a quick decision.

The film’s stacked cast, including Jennifer Aniston, initially joined due to director Garry Marshall’s reputation. Aniston expressed admiration for Marshall’s body of work, recalling how his legacy influenced their acceptance, even without reading the script. Despite its slow start, “Mother’s Day” found success years later, echoing a similar resurgence in early 2024.

Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Finds New Life in 2024

Despite its massive $200 million budget, “Exodus: Gods and Kings” struggled with both box office returns, earning only $268 million, and harsh reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes granting it a meager 31% approval rating. The film faced controversy for casting white actors in Middle Eastern roles, prompting Christian Bale to defend director Ridley Scott.

Bale urged support for films by North African and Middle Eastern filmmakers, envisioning a brighter future where financiers invest in diverse storytelling. Ironically, a decade later, the once-forgotten 2014 flop has found a surprising resurgence as a Netflix hit, showcasing the unpredictable nature of streaming success.

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