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Jhansi season 2 Telugu Movie Review: Jhansi, which stars Chandini Chowdary and Anjali as the main characters. On October 27th, the first season was made available, and on January 19th, the second season started streaming. Watch the Jhansi season 2 Telugu movie review to discover how things turn out.

Jhansi Season 2 Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Jhansi Season 2 
Rating 2.5/5
Genre Action Entertainer
Release Date 27th, October 2022
Director Thiru, Ganesh Karthik
Main Lead Actors Anjali, Abeeram Varma, Chandini Chowdary, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Rameshwari Talluri, Raj Arjun, and Many others
Cinematography Arvi
Editor Anthony
Producer Krishna Kulasekaran, and K.S. Madhubala
Music Director Sricharan Pakala
Language Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam



Jhansi season 2 Telugu Story:

Let’s learn a little bit about the plot of the Jhansi season 2 Telugu movie before we continue. The story continues where it left off in season one. Barbie (Chandini Chowdhary) and Jhansi (Anjali) wind up prostituting themselves at the Billu Club in Goa.

Jhansi is drawn to Ethen, the club’s manager (Aditya Shivpink). This causes a number of intriguing developments. Learn more about it and how Ethen’s father Khaleb (Raj Vijay) is connected to it with the aim of finding out more. Let’s discuss the Jhansi Telugu movie rating now.

Jhansi Season 2 Movie Plus Points:

However, the action scenes are excellent. The last exchange between Anjali and Chandni Chaudhary served as the third season’s Perfect Lead. The background music by Sriram Pakala complements the scenes beautifully.

Anjali is the second season of Jhansi’s most notable plus. As Jhansi once more, Anjali played superbly. Anjali dazzled in Season One with her gymnastics, but in Season Two, she outdid herself in the emotional part.

Anjali’s acting helped to make a few of the beautiful moments in the first episode’s flashback even more impactful.

Chandini Chowdary receives a good role, and she performs it flawlessly. Her character had been created and written beautifully.

Effective illustration of the conflict between Anjali and Chandini’s characters. The second season, unlike the first, is kept brief, which has a big advantage.

The Jhansi season 2 Movie Minus points

In actuality, the plot wasn’t finished with the second season. This is merely a response to the dialogue series just the beginning. When the lead actor covers his history, the audience assumes that he is a psychologically and physically strong person. Only if you live up to those expectations can you experience success. Jhansi fell short there.

The 12-year-old girl who was abducted, sold to a brothel, and even defrauded and retaliated might have written more passionately at that age. However, the sequences do not appear powerful on television, whether because they were poorly written or for other reasons.

Also weak is the emotional connection. The primary flaw in a Jhansi Season 2 Telugu Movie review is that the villain’s character is not as strong as initially implied.

The show’s overall breadth was constrained by an overabundance of subplots. Most characters have side stories of their own, some of which are unrelated to the main story. Rarely occurring, these subplots break up the action.

Technical Aspects Jhansi season 2

Let’s now discuss the assessment of Jhansi Season 2 in Telugu’s technical aspects. If the writing had been clear and without of pointless flashbacks, the Jhansi series surely would have reached a higher level.

Without a strong cliffhanger, the show also seems to be dragging on for another season. The writing and directing were terrible, the premise was uninteresting, and there was nothing to keep the audience engaged.

The cinematography by Arvi is superb. Anthony’s editing is excellent this season. The locations chosen are interesting, and the production values are acceptable. The music of Sricharan Pakala is decent. The conversation was enhanced by his background music. The cinematography by Arvi is superb.


The closing remarks about the Jhansi Season 2 Telugu Movie review are Anjali is the series’ core, and she is well-backed by other performers. The events lacked feeling, and the discussions were boring. Throughout, the second part is only an acceptable viewing this weekend.

Jhansi Season 2 Telugu Movie Review and Rating

worldfree4u Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5