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House of Ninjas Release Date: House of Ninjas is an exciting new Japanese drama created exclusively for Netflix. It’s co-written, produced, and stars Kento Kaku, who leads a talented writing team comprising Takafumi Imai, Kanna Kimura, Yoshiaki Murao, Masahiro Yamaura, Kôta Ôura, and directed by Dave Boyle.

Toho Studios, based in Tokyo, is the production company responsible for bringing this series to life.

House of Ninjas is set to debut on Netflix in February 2024. Kento Kaku assumes the main role in this gripping drama. We’ll keep you updated on all the details about House of Ninjas, including its storyline, cast, trailers, and the exact release date on Netflix.

When Will House of Ninjas Be Released?

The show called House of Ninjas will be available for watching on Netflix starting on February 15, 2024.

Who Plays the Characters in The Show Called House of Ninjas?

Kaku Kento stars as Haru in the leading role. You might recognize Kento if you’ve watched The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, a comedy that was adapted into a live-action series on Netflix. He also appeared in the Disney+ and Hulu J-drama My Family, where he played the supporting character Miwa Aoi.

Eguchi Yosuke portrays Souichi. You might have seen him in three Netflix Originals before. He’s known for his roles as Kurosaki Isshin in BLEACH and as Saito Hajime in Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning and Rurouni Kenshin: The Final.

Kimura Tae takes on the character Yoko. This marks Tae’s first appearance on Netflix. She’s known for her roles in dramas like Gurui no Koto, Rasen, and Zero Focus.

Kora Kengo plays Gaku. It’s his first time appearing on Netflix. You might recognize him from Shin Godzilla and the Japanese drama Shoplifters.

Makita Aju portrays Nagi. She’s also making her Netflix debut in the upcoming Japanese drama In Love and Deep Water.

Miyamoto Nobuko plays Taki. Nobuko, a veteran Japanese actress, will be appearing on Netflix for the first time in House of Ninjas. She’s best known for her roles in 80s dramas such as A Taxing Woman, Tampopo, and The Funeral.

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There are also other confirmed cast members:

  • Riho Yoshioka as Karen Ito
  • Tomorowo Taguchi as Jin Hamashima
  • Tokio Emoto as Masamitsu Oki
  • Pierre Taki as Zensuke Omi
  • Kyusaku Shimada as Kosaku Kuze
  • Mariko Tsutsui as Toko Mukai
  • Tenta Banka as Riku

What Is the Plot of House of Ninjas?

House of Ninjas

House of Ninjas” tells the tale of the Tawara family, who are ninjas living in secrecy. They’re the last ninja clan in Japan. After a mission goes wrong, they decide to live like regular people and abandon their ninja ways. But trouble brews in Japan, and they must emerge from hiding to protect their country.

Even though they try to live normal lives, they can’t completely conceal their ninja abilities. When they learn about a deadly toxin killing many Japanese citizens, they realize it’s time to act. Despite lingering doubts about their past mission, the Tawara family resolves to reunite and save their people.

Will they overcome their doubts and fears to become the heroes Japan needs? The answers will unfold when the show is released.

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Where to Watch House of Ninjas Season 1?

The TV series House of Ninjas will be accessible for viewing on Netflix beginning February 15, 2024.

The Trailer for House of Ninjas


House of Ninjas is a new Japanese drama exclusively on Netflix, created and led by Kento Kaku. Set to debut on February 15, 2024, it follows the Tawara family, the last ninjas in Japan, navigating secrecy until they must emerge to save their country from a deadly toxin. Kento Kaku stars as Haru, supported by Eguchi Yosuke, Kimura Tae, Kora Kengo, Makita Aju, Miyamoto Nobuko, and others. The series, produced by Toho Studios, promises a gripping narrative blending ninja tradition with modern challenges. Viewers can anticipate a blend of action, suspense, and familial bonds when the show premieres on Netflix.


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