First Look at What’s Coming to Netflix UK in May 2024

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Here’s your first look preview of what’s coming to Netflix in May 2024. 

You can also keep updated on all of the Netflix UK departures, which we’re tracking here.

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Note: This list has omitted some international releases for brevity. All dates are subject to change. 

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 1st, 2024;

  • Down the Rabbit Hole (2024) NSpanish comedy centered around a small boy who wishes for his own private zoo and his criminal father who’ll stop at nothing to ensure his son’s dream is fulfilled.
  • Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar (Season 1) N – Indian drama from Sanjay Leela Bhansali set in pre-independence India where a war of succession is being waged over Heeramandi, the home of India’s most dazzling courtesans.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 2nd, 2024;

  • A Man in Full (Season 1) N – Drama starring Jeff Daniels as a real estate mogul on the verge of bankruptcy who attempts to save his empire from the vultures circling over his fall from grace.
  • Beautiful Rebel (2024) N – Italian biographical drama.
  • T.P Bon (Season 1) N – Japanese anime series centered around ordinary high school student Bon, recruited by a mysterious girl to become a time-traveling agent saving people’s lives throughout history.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 3rd, 2024;

  • Postcards (Season 1) N – Nigerian drama following four Nigerians on a journey of self-discovery and love through India.
  • Unfrosted (2024) N – Jerry Seinfeld’s satirical comedy about the origin of Kellogg’s beloved breakfast snack, the Pop Tart.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 4th, 2024;

  • John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s in L.A. (Season 1) N – John Mulaney goes live in six installments across Los Angeles.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 5th, 2024;

  • Katt Williams: New Comedy Special (2024) N – Stand-up comedy special.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 9th, 2024;

  • Bodkin (Season 1) N – Irish comedy thriller centered around a group of podcasters who descend on an idyllic Irish town where three strangers mysteriously disappeared.
  • Mother of the Bride (2024) N – Romantic comedy starring Brooke Shields as the mother of the bride who learns her daughter is marrying the son of the man who broke her heart years before.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 17th, 2024;

  • The 8 Show (Season 1) N – Korean drama that pits a group of contestants against each other for a vast cash grand prize. However, the cost of provisions and necessities are removed from the grand prize and cost 1,000 times more.
  • Thelma the Unicorn (2024) N – Animated adventure starring Jon Heder and Brittany Howard.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 22nd, 2024;

  • Buying London (Season 1) N – Reality series centered on a team of real estate agents looking for high-end properties across London.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 23rd, 2024;

  • Tires (Season 1) N – Action Comedy starring Shane Gillis and Andrew Schulz.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 24th, 2024;

  • Atlas (2024) N – Sci-fi adventure starring Jennifer Lopez as an AI soldier who has determined the only way to end a terrible war is to end humanity.

  • Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (Season 1) N – Sequel to Camp Cretaceous following the exploits of Darious Bowman, an aspiring paleontologist living in the wilds of California and studying the dinosaurs that roam there.
  • My Oni Girl (2024) N – Japanese anime centered on the upheaval of a high school student’s life when he meets a demon girl on an adventure looking for her mother.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 30th, 2024;

  • Eric (Limited Series 1) N – Crime thriller starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent, a grief-stricken father on the search for his missing son, accompanied by Eric, the monster that lives under his son’s bed.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 31st, 2024;

  • A Part of You (2024) N – Swedish drama.

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