Every USA Network Series on Netflix in 2024

Pictured: Monk, White Collar, and Suits

Launched in 1977, USA Network has produced some of the best shows over the past several decades, and as of late, many of them are re-appearing on Netflix in the US and internationally. Here’s a rundown of every USA Network series currently available on Netflix. 

Best known for its Blue Sky Era programming, USA Network has produced some stellar television in recent years, and although its scripted slate is almost non-existent right now (although that’s scheduled to change) much of its best titles from the past decade are streaming on Netflix.

Note: These are listed in order of availability on Netflix in the United States – oldest to newest. Removal dates are subject to change. Netflix also provides a category code for USA Network titles – 107966. 

Queen of the South (Seasons 1-5)

First Added to Netflix US: May 2017
Available on Netflix Internationally?: Yes (All Regions)
Netflix US Expiration Date: June 6th, 2024

when will queen of the south leave netflix

Picture: USA Network

Alice Braga headlines this high-octane crime drama that’s akin to Narcos, Breaking Bad, or Netflix’s recently released Griselda series. You’ll follow Teresa turning into a drug kingpin.

Netflix had the global streaming rights to this show throughout its five-season run, with the fifth and final drop in 2022.

Queen of the South, as you may have just spotted above, may soon be leaving Netflix, with all five seasons currently scheduled to leave in early June.

The show is notably not available in Netflix’s advertising tier.

The Sinner (Seasons 1-4)

First Added to Netflix US: July 2018
Available on Netflix Internationally?: Yes (All Regions)
Netflix US Expiration Date: October 13th, 2027

The Sinner On Netflix Usa Network

Picture: USA Network

Originally intended to run just as a limited series, The Sinner eventually made it to four seasons and was nominated for a bunch of Golden Globes and Emmys. Bill Pullman plays a detective called Harry Ambrose, who starts each season investigating a new case.

The show is available to watch on all tiers of Netflix.

Dirty John (Seasons 1-2)

First Added to Netflix: November 2019
Available on Netflix Internationally?: Yes (All Regions)
Netflix US Expiration Date: May 31st, 2026

Angry John Usa Network Series

Picture: USA Network

This crime anthology drama series has released two seasons thus far with the first dropping on Netflix in November 2019 and the more recent second season landing in May 2021. The show has seen some big stars appear, including Christian Slater, Amanda Peet, Connie Britton, and Eric Bana.

Internationally, the show is a Netflix Original title.

The show is another USA Network show that’s unavailable on Netflix’s advertising tier.

Dare Me (Season 1)

First Added to Netflix: December 2020
Available on Netflix Internationally?: Yes (All Regions)
Netflix US Expiration Date: December 29th, 2025

when will dare me season 2 be on netflix

Picture: USA Network

Based on a book, this teen crime thriller first landed on Netflix in late December following its run on USA Network; however, the show sadly wasn’t given a second season order, so be warned that the show doesn’t end rather unevenly.

Starring Willa Fitzgerald, Herizen Guardiola, Marlo Kelly, and Rob Heaps, the 10-episode series followed a new cheerleading coach taking over a high school squad.

Outside of the United States, the show is exclusively available on Netflix and even marketed as a Netflix Original title. You can’t notably watch the show on Netflix’s advertising tier regardless of region.

Suits (Seasons 1-8)

First Added to Netflix: June 2023
Available on Netflix Internationally?: Yes (all regions)
Netflix US Expiration Date: TBD

Suits On Netflix

Picture: USA Network

Although we were the first to report Suits coming to Netflix US, there was plenty of reporting subsequent to its addition to Netflix, with it dominating the Nielsen top 10s for much of the second half of 2023.

On the air from 2011 through 2019 and given a spin-off series, the law drama followed a college dropout who, by the skin of his teeth, lands a job at a prestigious firm in New York City.

Season 9 remains absent from the Netflix library as it’s exclusive to both Peacock and Prime Video for an undisclosed amount of time. Whether this final season will join Netflix is yet to be announced.

Netflix has held the international rights to Suits for years in most countries, with many getting weekly episode drops of final seasons.

Unlike other shows listed here, Suits is available in Netflix’s advertising tier.

Royal Pains (Seasons 1-8)

Re-Added to Netflix: January 22nd, 2024
Available on Netflix Internationally?: No
Netflix US Expiration Date: December 31st, 2024

Royal Pains

Picture: USA Network

Over 100 episodes were produced for Royal Pains, a medical comedy-drama about a doctor who moves from New York to the coast to treat rich and posh people in their Hampton Homes.

Royal Pains was streaming before its 2024 surprise re-addition, with the show previously streaming on Netflix in 2014 (when seasons 1 to 5 were added). New seasons dropped annually thereafter, with its eventual removal in May 2020.

Monk (Seasons 1-8)

Added to Netflix US: February 5th, 2024
Available on Netflix Internationally?: No
Netflix US Expiration Date: January 15th, 2025

Monk New On Netflix February 2024

Picture: USA Network

Making its debut on Netflix for the first time in February 2024 was Monk, the crime comedy-drama series that aired between 2002 and 2009 across eight seasons and 125 episodes.

Starring Tony Shalhoub, the show followed a private detective afflicted with OCD assisting the San Francisco Police Department with various crimes.

White Collar (Seasons 1-6)

Coming to Netflix: April 1st, 2024
Available on Netflix Internationally?: No
Netflix Expiration Date: October 1st, 2025

White Collar

Picture: USA Network

Finally, White Collar is set to return to Netflix following its first tenure on Netflix coming to an end back in 2018, having streamed it for four years in total.

Created by Jeff Eastin and headlined by Matt Bomer, this comedy-drama sees a white-collar criminal teaming up with an FBI agent to capture thieves and conmen. The show ran on USA Network between 2009 and 2014.

As part of a Disney deal (Disney owns the underlying rights despite airing on USA Network) struck in early 2024, it’s one of over a dozen shows set to re-appear on Netflix in 2024 and 2025.

Removed USA Network Shows

Finally, a few notes about other USA Network shows that have been on Netflix before we conclude:

  • Psych was previously available on Netflix in the United States but was removed in 2016. That said, the series is due to be released on Netflix in international territories in 2024.
  • Burn Notice was previously on Netflix but was removed in February 2018.
  • Colony was on Netflix from 2016 through 2022.
  • Shooter seasons 1 to 3 were available on Netflix in the US and international regions (as a Netflix Original) until September 2023.
  • Unsolved: Tupac and Biggie was available on Netflix US between February 2019 and February 2024.
  • Mr. Robot was available on a few select international territories but has since departed.

What’s your favorite USA Network show on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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