Dennis Quaid Movie ‘The Hill’ Makes Streaming Debut on Netflix US

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The sports drama biopic movie starring Dennis Quaid and Colin Ford unexpectedly dropped on Netflix in the United States today, marking its first time on a streaming service. 

Released to little fanfare in theaters back in August 2023, the movie has since become available on VOD services, but today marks the first time the movie debuts on a streaming service. The movie was not previously announced as part of Netflix’s January 2024 lineup.

Actor and director Jeff Celentano is behind the new movie behind the camera in the directing seat, having previously worked on Glass Jaw, Breaking Point, and Moscow Heat.

The movie tells the story of real-life athlete Rickey Hill, who overcame a physical disability and mended his relationship with his father to become a famed Major League Baseball player.

Colin Ford plays the role of Rickey Hill, with Deniss Quaid playing the role of his father, James. Rounding out the cast includes Joelle Carter, Scott Glenn, Ryan Dinning, Bonnie Bedelia, and Siena Bjornerud.

No other regions received The Hill today, but keep an eye on your coming soon section within the Netflix app or our website for the latest.

This isn’t the only Dennis Quaid movie currently streaming on Netflix in the United States. A couple of months ago, Netflix picked up the license to I Can Only Imagine from Lionsgate. Quaid also stars in the 2021 Netflix Original movie Blue Miracle.

Should You Watch The Hill on Netflix?

Given the movie only grossed less than $10 million at the box office, the reality is that not a lot of people have watched this movie as of yet, so it’ll be interesting to see how the movie performs now it’s exposed to a larger audience.

Critics at the time of its August 2023 theatrical debut were ultimately mixed. It holds 48 on Metacritic and a similar 43% on RottenTomatoes at the time of publishing, with the critic’s consensus being:

“Solid work from Dennis Quaid helps elevate The Hill, but this fact-based underdog drama is only intermittently inspirational.”

On the other hand, its audience score currently sits at 97%, with it having a 6.5 on IMDb.

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