‘Barbenheimer’ Sets Records at Harkins Theatres


Courtesy of Harkins Theatres

The “Barbenheimer” phenomenon ignited a pink explosion at the box office for Harkins Theatres, which is celebrating the fourth highest-grossing domestic weekend of all time and the highest-earning Harkins Theatres summer weekend on record. The chain entertained almost half a million moviegoers over the weekend and shattered the company’s previous online ticketing records.

“This historic weekend proved once again that there is nothing like the moviegoing experience,” said Mike Bowers, the president and chief executive officer of Harkins Theatres. “It was so fun to see all the passion and creativity from our guests this weekend as they helped turn ‘Barbenheimer’ into a global phenomenon. Thank you to all of our loyal moviegoers and team for such an outstanding weekend full of Ultimate Moviegoing. With Mission Impossible still going strong and Disney’s Haunted Mansion ready to scare up more box office, we could not be more excited as we continue to enjoy an amazing slate of movies on the big screen.”

Courtesy of Harkins Theatres


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