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Venture into the unforgiving badlands, a dystopian wasteland where survival hinges on being the hunter or the hunted. Released on January 12, 2024, the trailer for “Badland Hunters” unveils the harsh reality of life amid the remnants of Seoul. Daily existence is marred by violence, as residents engage in constant brawls while terrified onlookers stay on the sidelines.

Amidst the chaos, Nam-san (Lee) emerges as a fearless figure. When he learns of a teenager’s abduction by a deranged doctor, Nam-san takes matters into his own hands, promising audiences a riveting experience filled with brutal action and moral dilemmas.

Discover the Ensemble Cast of ‘Badland Hunters’

In “Badland Hunters,” Don Lee assumes the role of Nam-san, a formidable hunter navigating a chaotic world on a perilous mission to rescue a teenager from a deranged doctor. A veteran in the Korean entertainment industry, Lee, known for his breakout in “Train to Busan” and his Hollywood debut in “Eternals,” promises an action-packed performance.

Lee Hee-jun, as the deranged doctor Yang Gi-su, boasts a rich history in Korean film and TV, starring in projects like “Mouse” and “Chimera.” Meanwhile, Lee Jun-young, known for U-KISS and transitioning to acting, plays Nam-san’s ally Choi Ji-wan, adding depth to the ensemble.

Decoding the Plot of ‘Badland Hunters’

In the desolate aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake, “Badland Hunters” paints a dystopian portrait of Seoul as an apocalyptic wasteland akin to Mad Max’s fallen societies. Nam-san (Lee), a silent yet resolute wasteland hunter, emerges amidst the chaos.

The trailer showcases his unwavering determination as he confronts a deranged doctor conducting human experiments, with trusted ally Choi Ji-wan (Jun-young) by his side. Beneath the sterile facade lies a dark secret—zombies, failed subjects of the experiments. “Badland Hunters” starkly portrays a society where survival trumps morality, offering a raw and brutal narrative in a world where every day is a precious struggle.

The Masterminds Behind ‘Badland Hunters’

Helming “Badland Hunters” is director Heo Myeong-hang, recognized for his expertise in action films and impressive work on projects like “The Good, the Bad, the Weird,” “Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan,” and the acclaimed “Oldboy.” Collaborating with him are screenwriters Kim Bo-tong and Kwak Jae-min, along with producer Byun Seung-min. The production is a joint effort between Climax Studios, Big Punch Entertainment, and Nova Film, with Netflix serving as the distributor for this thrilling venture.

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