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Alexander The Making of A God Review: Netflix released a new show called Alexander: The Making of a God on January 31, 2024. It’s not like other shows about the famous warrior Alexander the Great. This one is special because it mixes real facts with acted scenes. This kind of show, called a docudrama, helps us excitingly learn about history.

Alexander: The Making of a God has six parts. It talks about a part of Alexander the Great’s life. The show focuses on how he changed from a strong warrior to a powerful king. Hugh Ballantyne directed the series, and Buck Braithwaite plays the main character, Alexander.

In this review, we’ll share our thoughts on Alexander: The Making of a God. Keep reading to find out more about this interesting show.

Alexander: The Making of A God Review

Should you watch Alexander: The Making of a God on Netflix?

The show starts with a woman in a temple predicting war, immediately grabbing your attention. Hugh Ballantyne, the director, blends re-enactments with interviews to bring the story of Alexander the Great to life.

The tale begins with Dr. Calliope Limneos-Papakosta at an archaeological site in Alexandria. Then, we’re taken back to 334 BC, where Alexander’s journey unfolds. We see him with his friends Ptolemy and Hephaestion, hinting at a possible romantic connection.

The drama intensifies with Alexander attending his sister’s wedding, only for his father, King Phillip, to be fatally stabbed. Suddenly, Alexander is thrust into power, seeking revenge against the Persians whom he suspects killed his father. Meanwhile, General Attalus, stationed at Persia’s borders, faces loyalty dilemmas.

As Alexander grapples with the ruling, we see his struggles with family and politics. The series expertly weaves historical accuracy with entertainment.

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Here are the ups and downs of watching Alexander: The Making of a God:

The show’s strengths lie in its balanced portrayal of history and drama. The actors, including Buck Braithwaite as Alexander, deliver compelling performances. Despite many adaptations of Alexander’s story, this series stands out for its well-researched narrative.

However, the frequent interviews interrupt the narrative flow, and viewers not well-versed in history might find it overwhelming. Some storylines, like Alexander and Hephaestion’s relationship, feel overshadowed, and gaps in the characters’ arcs may confuse audiences.

Before diving in, consider that the show contains mature content and nudity. Overall, Alexander: The Making of a God offers an intriguing take on a legendary figure, but it’s essential to be prepared for its storytelling style and themes.

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What Is the Plot of Alexander: The Making of A God?

Alexander the Making of A God Review

Alexander: The Making of a God is a series you can watch on Netflix. It’s divided into six parts and tells the story of Alexander the Great, a famous historical figure. The show mixes real facts about Alexander with reenactments of his life.

Netflix says, “You’ve probably heard of Alexander the Great. He was a prince known for being a great warrior and ruler of a big part of the Western world long ago.” But this series tells his story in a new way. It uses information from today and what we’ve learned from digging up old stuff in Alexandria, Egypt. This city is important because Alexander the Great built it.

The series shows how Alexander became powerful after his father was killed. He wanted to rule and conquer new lands. He fought hard to defeat the Persian King Darius. In just six years, he managed to control a huge empire that stretched from Greece to India.

The show doesn’t just talk about history. It also recreates some of the exciting parts of Alexander’s life. Plus, experts and archaeologists like Calliope Limneos-Papakosta share what they’ve learned from studying Alexander and the places he lived.

In summary, Alexander: The Making of a God is a fascinating series that blends history, archaeology, and drama to tell the story of one of the most legendary figures in history.

Where to watch Alexander: The Making of A God?

You can watch Alexander: The Making of A God on Netflix.

Trailer For Alexander: The Making of A God

Should You Watch or Skip Alexander: The Making of a God? – A Detailed Summary to Help You Decide

The Netflix show about Alexander the Great is really well done, especially compared to other series about him. Even the parts of Alexander’s life that most people already know about are made even more interesting with great directing and acting. The experts who share their thoughts in the show reveal lots of new information about Alexander.

One of the best parts is when Professor Dr. Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones from Cardiff University talks about Alexander. He’s so enthusiastic and passionate about the topic. You can tell he really loves what he’s talking about, and he even smiles while he speaks.

Watching Alexander: The Making of a God on Netflix isn’t just entertaining, it’s also a great way to learn new things about this famous Macedonian leader. You can find all six episodes of the show available for streaming on Netflix.

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