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AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Review: AlRawabi School for Girls is a TV show made for Netflix. It’s a drama about teenagers in Jordan. The person who made it is Tima Shomali. This show talks a lot about bullying in schools and what people expect from young women.

The first season has six episodes. It came out on Netflix everywhere on August 12, 2021. This show is the second one from Jordan on Netflix, the first being Jinn.

In May 2022, Netflix said they’d make a second season even though they originally planned for only one. They finished filming the second season in May 2023. The new season started streaming on February 15, 2024, on Netflix.

This article is about the second season of AlRawabi School for Girls. We’ll talk about what happens in it and give you some important details. Keep reading to find out more!

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Review:

AlRawabi School for Girls returns to Netflix for a second season, shifting its focus to the negative impact of social media on teenagers. While the first season authentically depicted the culture and status of women in Jordan, the second season aims for a global appeal. Unfortunately, this broader approach leads to a lack of authenticity, making it feel like just another average teenage drama on Netflix.

The season revolves around Sarah, a middle-class student desperate for social media validation. Unable to afford the latest iPhone like her affluent peers, she resorts to uploading a parody video that unexpectedly turns her into a social media influencer. The season explores the instant gratification and subsequent challenges Sarah faces in balancing school and her online presence. Tasneem, an influencer, becomes her inspiration, leading to a journey that reveals the illusion of social media.

While the series primarily follows Sarah, it delves into various teenage issues across its six episodes. Characters are explored deeply, with even the antagonists portrayed empathetically. The show critiques the perfection portrayed by influencers and the envy it sparks among teenagers. However, it lacks a unique perspective, feeling similar to other teenage dramas.

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The depiction of school students modifying uniforms and wearing high heels may remind viewers of “Elite.” The show touches on sex education, highlighting the contradiction in teenagers having access to online content but lacking a trusted adult figure for discussions. The series also incorporates a subplot involving surveillance cameras, albeit somewhat implausibly.

The plot and narrative, while interesting, are considered average. The opening scene teases a future event, creating anticipation, but the ending feels rushed. The series follows a typical formula for teenage dramas, with minor modifications.

The performances, notably Tara Abboud as Sarah, Tara Atalla as Nadeen, and Sarah Youseff as Tasneem, are commendable. Each actor brings depth to their characters, contributing to the series despite its average narrative.

In conclusion, AlRawabi School for Girls season two addresses relevant issues surrounding social media and teenagers. However, its execution falls into familiar territory, leaving viewers to ponder whether a six-episode series can truly leave a lasting impact on such a critical topic. Share your thoughts on whether the show succeeds in delivering its message.

What Is the Storyline Of AlRawabi School For Girls?

The story takes place in a fancy school in Jordan where Mariam, the main character, is bullied. Mariam decides she wants to get back at those who bully her, and she seeks help from her friends to make it happen. However, she doesn’t realize the trouble her actions might cause.

The show talks about things we don’t often discuss. It looks at how schools have systems where some students are more important than others, and how this can cause problems. It also shows how being a girl in Jordan can be tough because of the way men are treated as more important.

Additionally, the story touches on how the education system isn’t always fair, and how some people in charge can be dishonest. It also delves into serious topics like sexual assault and honor killings, which happen in the community. These are all big issues that affect people’s lives.

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Where To Watch AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2?

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Review

You can now see Season 2 of the show called AlRawabi School for Girls on Netflix.


AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 continues the Jordanian drama on Netflix, shifting its focus to social media’s impact on teenagers. The season follows Sarah, a student seeking validation through social media, delving into her challenges balancing school and online presence. While exploring teenage issues across six episodes, it critiques influencer culture and portrays characters empathetically. Despite commendable performances, the season feels formulaic and lacks uniqueness, resembling typical teenage dramas. It tackles relevant themes but fails to offer a distinctive perspective. Season 2 premiered on Netflix on February 15, 2024, continuing discussions on societal issues within Jordanian culture.

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