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It’s hard to make a good sports movie. The most prosperous people must be able to rise above the drama and thrill that come with sports. When done well, though, sports movies go beyond the typical game and reveal a deeper aspect of human nature that inspires competitors and helps us like watching other people play games in addition to the sport itself. These are the top sports films available on Netflix.

1. Any Given Day 1999

Any Given Sunday examines what makes a team work, breaking down every role from the players to the coach and owner in the run-up to a crucial game day. It focuses on the hypothetical Miami Sharks as they attempt to make the Associated Football Franchises of America.

Although the film may be lengthy and heavily technical, it is a success because Stone cast actors such as Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, and Al Pacino, all of whom steal the show.

2. Athlete A 2020

The 2017 controversy involving the US gymnastics team that rocked the sports world is the subject of Netflix’s original documentary, Athlete A.

It delves into the work of the investigative journalists at the Indianapolis Star who originally broke the story, with a focus on the horrific sexual crimes committed by former team doctor Larry Nassar, who mistreated the young athletes for years. Although cruel, it gives these young ladies a catharsis that aids in their recuperation.

3. Happy Gilmore 1996

Over the years, Adam Sandler has made several cameos in the stereotypical, guy-oriented sports film genre, but this comedy about a hockey player who becomes a professional golfer truly deserves a gold jacket.

In the absurd movie, Sandler plays an aspiring hockey player who, because he’s not quite that good on the ice, chooses to use his skills to earn money to preserve his grandmother’s house by going to the driving range and the PGA tour.

Even after more than twenty years, people are still repeating the movie nonstop on the web, demonstrating its powerful, enduring enchantment. See it even if you’re not a fan of Sandler.

4. High Flying 2019

The main focus of the basketball movie High Flying Bird is on the power struggles that occur behind closed doors during a lockout, rather than the game itself. André Holland’s Ray Burke, a sports agent attempting to upend an unethical system and safeguard his client’s interests, is at the focus of Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone film.

Walking this tightrope is not simple, and the circumstances surrounding the work strike alter the game plan on a regular basis. Using his iPhone to mimic the social media-driven culture of the NBA and real NBA players to add weight to the story, Soderbergh takes creative license with Netflix and creates a distinctive movie that joins the increasing list of critically acclaimed films on the streaming site.

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5. Hustle 2022

In the LeBron James produced film, Sandler, a 76ers scout with aspirations of becoming a coach, discovers at a pick-up game that Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangómez) possesses a unique gift. There are missteps and stumbles during all the trials of raising Bo’s career, but Sandler’s Stanley Sugerman perseveres in trying to force the elements of his vision into existence.

6. Icarus 2019

Brian Fogel, an amateur cyclist and playwright, became engrossed in the chemical trend after meeting Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, the head of the Russian laboratory responsible for supporting Olympic athletes.

Fogel was fascinated by doping scandals and Lance Armstrong’s downfall. Icarus follows a trail through Rodchenkov’s past of doping and his disclosures, which infuriated Russia and made him a political target. A science-minded documentary that plays like a Tom Clancy thriller is Fogel’s work.

7. Undefeated 2011

Undefeated, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, is a stunning narrative about the Manassas Tigers of Memphis, Tennessee, a team with a legendary history of losing. Tension rises as the squad is about to win something under the direction of a new coach and everyone questions if they have what it takes.

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8. Team Foxcatcher 2016

Millionaire John du Pont was focused on winning gold for the USA Olympic Wrestling Team in the 1980s. He poured money into the team and even persuaded Dave Schultz and Mark, two of the best wrestlers in the world, to join Team Foxcatcher and move onto his vast property, complete with its cutting-edge training center.

Director Jon Greenhalgh tells this strange tale in his Netflix original documentary Team Foxcatcher, focusing mostly on Dave Schultz’s life and how his friendship with du Pont ultimately proved fatal.

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