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We are here to assist you in finding the greatest military and war films and television series on Netflix, so stop scrolling, get past the algorithm, and get what you’re searching for. With so many films and TV series available on Netflix, it might be challenging to locate exactly what you’re looking for. You may sort through the war movie clutter and find the best content with the aid of this list.

Even though every film on our list is about a conflict from some point in human history, we also included TV series that are available to stream on Netflix that tell spy and military documentaries. The majority of us will have plenty of military films to watch on Netflix for a very long time.

1. Alexander: The Making Of A god

Documentaries can have a tendency to seem ridiculously extravagant, which makes significant historical events seem silly. The talking heads from universities you anticipate from shows like this are all there in Netflix’s new Alexander the Great series, but the historical reenactments won’t make you want to gag yourself with a spoon.

Following its premiere, it was Netflix’s second-most popular TV series, which says a lot about the platform that hosts critically praised shows like “Griselda” and “Formula 1: Drive to Survive.” From Alexander’s early years to his conquering of Darius’ Persian Empire, it chronicles his journey.

2. All Quiet on the Western Front

The 1929 novel by Erich Maria Remarque about the atrocities of World War I is being adapted on the big screen for the first time in German language in 2022. The film, which was first released in 1930, was nominated for nine prizes and took home four of them, including the Oscar for Best Picture.

While keeping the core of the narrative—the horrific experiences of German soldiers in the trenches—director and screenwriter Edward Berger expanded the story’s focus to incorporate additional historical context regarding World War I.

3. All the Light We Cannot See

This new Netflix limited series, which is based on author Anthony Doerr’s critically acclaimed 2014 book “All the Light We Cannot See,” stars Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers) as a worker at the French Museum of Natural History, and real-life visually impaired actress Aria Mia Loberti as his blind daughter, Marie-Laure. Following the fall of France, the two escape Nazi-occupied Paris and head to the beach resort of Saint-Malo, where they take up residence with their reclusive uncle Etienne, a WWI veteran (Hugh Laurie, House).

When they arrive, they discover Etienne is assisting the resistance by sending out radio reports. Marie-Laure soon follows suit and begins producing them as well. Eventually, the young blind girl and the young German soldier tasked with finding and killing her develop a sincere friendship. Starring with her are Louis Hofmann (“Red Sparrow”) and Lars Eidinger (“White Noise”).

4. American Assassin

Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien, Love and Monsters) turns his life into a goal to seek revenge after terrorists kill his fiancée while they were vacationing in Spain. He trains his body as a tool for that retribution, learning martial arts, knife throwing, and marksmanship. U.S. Special Forces stop him on his way to meet and murder the terrorist in Libya.

Rather, Rapp is enlisted in the Global War on Terror as an assassin and receives training from CIA agent Stan Hurley (Micahel Keaton, Batman). The enemy soon becomes less obvious. Taylor Kitsch, the Lone Survivor, is a rogue operator who has to be stopped by Rapp to prevent him from detonating a nuclear weapon on the Navy’s Sixth Fleet.

5. The Angel

Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s son-in-law, Ashraf Marwan, was close to Nasser’s successor, Anwar Sadat, and was helping Egypt organize an Arab alliance to launch a surprise assault to recapture the Sinai Peninsula from Israel. Unbeknownst to Nasser and Sadat, Marwan was a valuable asset to Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

Of course, this, like the Yom Kippur War of 1973, proved disastrous for the Arab coalition. Starring Ben-Hur’s Marwan Kenzari as Marwan, Netflix’s “The Angel” is based on the nonfiction book “The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel”.

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6. Band of Brothers

Based on the 1992 nonfiction book of the same name by historian Stephen E. Ambrose, Band of Brothers is arguably the best miniseries ever made about World War II. Real World War II warriors assisted Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg in bringing the series to life in order to ensure that every little detail on screen is accurate.

Interviews with members of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division are included in the documentary as well.

Training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, the men of Easy Company, under the command of Dick Winters (Damian Lewis, Homeland), start off as green recruits. On D-Day, they parachute into Normandy and fight their way through Europe in Operation Market Garden.

During the Battle of the Bulge, they are encircled at Bastogne and eventually take control of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest hideout in Berchtesgaden, Germany. If you’re reading this, you really should see it; if not, I’d be shocked.

7. Beasts of No Nation

Starring as The Commandant, a West African warlord who leads a rebel brigade against government forces, is Idris Elba (Thor, The Suicide Squad). The Commandant enlists Agu (Abraham Attah, Spider-Man: Homecoming) as a juvenile soldier while the rebels battle the collapsing government.

Beasts of No Nation, which was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (“No Time to Die”), depicts the horrific realities of war, conflict in sub-Saharan Africa, the enlistment of child soldiers, and the actual human cost of war.

8. Blood And Gold

In Netflix’s most recent WWII story, the surviving Nazi SS soldiers aren’t interested in defending Germany at the end of the war. They are hunting gold, but not only is it hidden from them, a disgruntled former Wehrmacht soldier is guarding it. In an attempt to find the treasure and save his long-lost daughter, he and a local milkmaid will race against the terrible Nazis.

9. Da 5 Bloods

In a Vietnam War-era retelling of the WWII theft tale of “troops who hide Nazi gold and plan to go back,” director Spike Lee has a group of Black soldiers discover a CIA plane carrying gold intended to fight the Viet Cong.

The crew reunites in Ho Chi Minh City to embark on a journey to find their horde, and the movie is set in the present day. The crew is plagued by flashbacks of their commanding officer, Chadwick Boseman, who was slain in a skirmish in the past, as they set out to find the gold. The son of Delroy Lindo’s character (played by Jonathan Majors before he became famous) is also traveling with him.

The fantastic thing about “Da 5 Bloods” is that it tells the story of Black Vietnam War soldiers while also functioning as a straight-up action movie with betrayals and gunfights.

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10. Darkest Hour

In this drama about the early stages of World War II, Gary Oldman received a Best Actor Oscar for his depiction of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The film skillfully dramatizes the situation that Churchill faced when he refused to reach a peace agreement with Adolf Hitler, which resulted in significant backlash from both his government and the opposition.

His government won over the public by pulling troops from the beaches of Dunkirk after suffering a terrible defeat on the French front in 1939. The prime minister’s renowned “We shall fight on the beaches” speech to Parliament brings “Darkest Hour” to a close.

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